Tears of Steel DVD promo

by - 2012/09/26 11 Comments Production

We’ve all been working hard- but Pablo has been working harder! Check out this promo he made (with a killer music track from Joram Letwory, from the soon-to-be-released Tears of Steel!)

DVD sales are really what keep the lifesblood of the Blender Foundation/Institute pumping, and we’ve packed this one full of insane bonus material. Check it out in the video below!

See you in a couple hours!

  1. Donnerland says:

    So Awesome!

  2. double u says:

    I’m at least as excited about the music as I am about the film. Definitely going to add the soundtrack to my car music.

  3. Blender Attitude says:

    Hi all,

    we relayed the promo in our French Magazine: http://blenderattitude.com/rappel-tears-of-steel-dans-quelques-minutes/

    Blender Attitude
    Le Magazine de la Création 3D avec Blender

  4. Sverro2 says:

    With what software was this trailer created? In Blender? Blender and AE? Something else? Just wondering,cause it seems really nice and I absolutely don’t have a clue how to do that in Blender (not a Blender pro yet xD)

    • andy says:

      It was created single handedly and all in blender by our very own Pablo Vazquez http://www.venomslab.com/

      • pb says:

        Totally agree – definitely giving AE a run for it’s money! Fantastic work Pablo. There’s definitely an untapped market for creating configurable AE-like projects (promos, slideshows, trailers, motion graphics, etc.) with Blender (similar to videohive.net content).

        Will the blend files for this trailer be included in the TOS DVD set?

        … or will there me a separate “making of” DVD for the trailer about the “making of” the Tears of Steel DVD? :P

      • Sverro2 says:

        Woah nice. I really don’t know how Pablo got that “flickering”/warping text, but it looks very good/proffessional. I already knew Blender could do a lot, but now I now it can do pretty much everything :)

  5. ton says:

    IRC hangout: irc.freenode.net #tearsofsteel

  6. Seba says:

    Done, I just bought it. Congratulations for such an amazing job, guys!

  7. Himagain says:

    I got here almost by accident.
    I had no idea that this kind of quality was out there outside of the Big VERY commercial Studios.

    So, as your end target – The Actual Viewer :-) – and a great critic, may I say that the whole production effort has stunned me.

    Not just the talents, but the amazing co-operation needed to pull this off in the OS “free” world is as professional as anything I saw in thirty years as a commercial Productivity Counsellor ( a “fixer” ).

    Except for just two mistakes in 2007, I would be in there for a slice of this team, not just this great product.