Weekly – April 6

by - 2012/04/07 11 Comments Artwork

Here’s a selection of images I copied from the weekly presentation. As usual a lot more went on, but presenting it all online shouldn’t take us away from working. We do our best! :) Right now everyone’s enjoying an extra long easter weekend! Back in 2 days, have fun too! :)

Weekly – March 30

by - 2012/04/01 10 Comments Artwork, Production

After three weeks we already have a first version of animatic! Things went fast the first 3 weeks, with 5 weeks of time left still to tweak & refine (before filming starts). We also had the first designs in for the costumes! Casting info is still unknown, have to hunt the Casting Agent this monday. As weekly visitor we had composer Joram Letwory.

Weekly – March 23

by - 2012/03/24 29 Comments Artwork, Production

This is only the 2nd weekly presentation of the team, and we’re already getting glimpses of how the film will look like! Ian and Jeremy have been doing crazy stuff on animatics already! The whole team’s been working great last week; concepts, training dvd work, animation tests, modeling, and even work on an auto-run Blender demoloop for HP (Francesco will post this soon).

As usual I’ll just grab from the weekly presentation folder. The artists themselves will update with more elabortated posts here.


Production update & HP sponsor!

by - 2012/03/22 15 Comments Artwork, Production

Everyone’s busy, no blog posts is always good news (unfortunately for you guys out there!). The team spirit is awesome amazing, very inspiring, it tops any project before! It’s probably a bit thanks to the kick-off workshop, but also because we have an amazing talented and well fitting team together.


Editing the Storyboard

by - 2012/03/19 8 Comments Artwork, Directing & writing, Production

The video has nothing to do with the rest of this post :P. I was sketching “defensive tombstones”, and Sebastian walked by and said, “I have the perfect shot tracked for that!” so I threw some in! I’ll wait to develop them until we know if we have a specific place for them, though.

It’s also the first video on our new Mango-Specific YouTube channel. There are some videos we want to post, but aren’t really deserving of the massive traffic the BlenderFoundation channel gets, so it’s more for scraps and the like. If that’s your thing, though, feel free to subscribe-or-whatever.

Anyway! Anyways? Anywaying?


Meeting with the costume designer

by - 2012/03/12 12 Comments Artwork, Production

Ian spent today a couple of hours with Pablo Londono Serria. His ideas and designs for clothing are awesome – we really like the proposals and direction it will take. Pablo admitted he had two big desires in his life; getting his own fashion brand, and do a post-apocalyptic film once. :)

Pablo will show first clothes Wednesday already!

Concept art: the Oude Kerk dome

by - 2012/03/01 22 Comments Artwork, Production

Just outside the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam is a small bridge where the key break-up scene happened in the past. Scientists have been constructing a gigantic dome and a lot of equipment around it to ensure they can reconstruct the past there perfectly… or is it a time machine? Image by David Revoy!

(Concept art is 6 days old, things are evolving into exciting directions, involving robots – for sure! Stay tuned!)

And yet more storyboardin’!

by - 2012/02/29 4 Comments Artwork, Uncategorized

Only a few days before the rest of the team starts flying in!

Our biggest goal right now; storyboarding EVERYTHING! It’s my first time using a tablet for any sort of extended period of time, and it’s really growing on me. I’d only ever used the 3X4” bamboo deals before, and having a larger pad definitely makes a difference. David Revoy set up his ideal drawing system on my machine, and MyPaint is proving to be a powerful ally. The current storyboard is clocking in at about 175 images so far- though in a lot of cases one shot is represented by several storyboards.

I’m doing the quick-n-dirty storyboards of everything, then David is going over some of the more complex/ambiguous frames and clarifying some of my scribbles.