Weekly – April 6

by - 2012/04/07 11 Comments Artwork

Here’s a selection of images I copied from the weekly presentation. As usual a lot more went on, but presenting it all online shouldn’t take us away from working. We do our best! :) Right now everyone’s enjoying an extra long easter weekend! Back in 2 days, have fun too! :)

  1. Coen Spoor says:

    ooh…those skin tones :S

  2. captainkirk says:

    I want an F65!

  3. Tycho says:

    Nice work :)
    Just a question :) in the exr samples and in the photo of ian for contrast test it seem to be noisy ? why ? I expected cleaner edge like in this http://vimeo.com/36341233
    I’m probably wrong but I just wonder why ?
    Keep on producing such a good content :)
    PS : is there any news about the sound design and wheter it would be realistic or not(http://mango.blender.org/production/production-update-composer-joram-letwory/)?

    • Tycho says:

      But color and contrast look great btw…

    • Joram says:

      No news on the sound library yet!
      Me and Ian will go over this within a couple of weeks. We’ll make a detailed list of all the sounds we think we need and then we’ll discuss the possibilities and our approach.

      • Tycho says:

        I’m sure you can first take a look at http://freesound.org
        It’s CC(0,Att or NC).
        Probably can you ask for the missing song and post a request on the blog.
        I worry much about the way the new blender audio will be use / improve.

  4. Jan the Freeze says:

    I wonder what sound that organ will make when you blow it up.

  5. Ric says:

    Sneaky previews!
    I got a simple question, when Brecht is going to get there?

  6. That robot hand is so slick.

  7. Ah, who is it who is modelling the church? ZBrush color scheme preset rulez! :D
    Seeing all this I have high expectations on the finished movie, really looking foreward to it. Good job Mango team!