Concept art: the Oude Kerk dome

by - 2012/03/01 22 Comments Artwork, Production

Just outside the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam is a small bridge where the key break-up scene happened in the past. Scientists have been constructing a gigantic dome and a lot of equipment around it to ensure they can reconstruct the past there perfectly… or is it a time machine? Image by David Revoy!

(Concept art is 6 days old, things are evolving into exciting directions, involving robots – for sure! Stay tuned!)

  1. It looks pretty good, I’m eager to know the evolution which will take.

  2. Brandon Hix says:

    Wow this stuff is really cool. I’m lovin’ the updates. Keep them coming please!!! I check in like 5 times a day! Are you guys planning on releasing the script sometime soon?

    • ton says:

      When the team is here next week we’ll discuss how open we make it this time. The script itself (dialogs, shots breakdown etc) probably not. The full story (scenes, characters, events) probably yes.

      • Hubberthus says:

        Please give a warning when you’ll post the full story so who doesn’t want to know it won’t read it. :)

  3. Luca Napoletano says:

    Would be fun if the fictional machine interfaces could be designed to be reminiscent of the Blender interface…i hate easter eggs, but that would really pull a smile out of me..

    • Peter Houlihan says:

      +1 For this, a nice subtle wink to blender would be nice. Maybe a couple of neon blend signs in the background?

  4. Greg Zaal says:

    Nooooo please don’t give away the story!!!

    (Awesome concepts btw)

  5. Gianmichele says:

    Don’t spoil it too much Ton! We’re buying a short movie at the end, not just the production behind the scene :)

  6. J. says:

    How about Ton playing one of the scientists? Perfect fit, I think! :D

  7. hassan yola says:

    oh yeah ! perfect fit I think too

    • gray says:

      Ian don’t find too far you’re already have your scientists Ton is physicaly good for me ! please dear Ton accept to play that role

  8. Cessen says:

    OMG! This project is so exciting! Woo! Go team Mango! :-D

  9. Fred C says:

    At first I wasn’t really liking the concepts for this movie. But you guys have shifted up some gears this stuff is really good. Post more please

  10. FreDre says:

    This remembers me the game Time Commando.
    I love the concepts so far.
    Looks great

  11. Chad Gleason says:

    Let me cast my vote for NO story spoilers!! I love the way Sintel did it, by releasing the first minute or so, followed by some great teaser trailers. I’m all for trickling info and visuals out throughout development, but save the story for the release! It IS a film, after all. :)

  12. Blendiac says:

    “Scientists have been constructing a gigantic dome and a lot of equipment around it to ensure they can reconstruct the past there perfectly… or is it a time machine?”

    Well… the image title is “time-travel_dom-on”…

  13. ludopencil says:

    Make me remember the great machine to manipulate the fate, with the bridge, in escaflowne! ^^ looks great!!!

  14. JosmicBlend says:

    Clever piece of art right there!!