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by - 2012/03/16 13 Comments Artwork, Production

The actual work on Mango production started this week, so everyone started various parallel tests, experiments and actual assets for the movie, here are a few:

Quick test for the dome structure :

A technical test for a material in cycles that receives shadows and AO but doesn’t cast (for compositing)

Robot (from ‘Quit Blender’) test in cycles , trying to define the ideal node setup for those dirtmap-and-tileables shaders i’ve posted previously.

Some early planning for the animatic (map from openstreetmaps data) : we have a very ‘real’ and precise set , so a model of it could be very useful for planning  -if we get the data easily and without doing crazy surveys ourselves, of course..

  1. Gianmichele says:

    Nicely done (italians do it better!).

    I like your blender theme too. Which one is it?

    • Jamez says:

      Indeed, Blender is looking very sexy in these screenshots! Would also love to have this theme.

      • Joris says:

        Nice work indeed, and I also like this blender theme it’s dark but not too dark with some great color elements.
        Anyways, keep up the good work, I love the frequent posts.

    • Ni:Zu says:

      The theme is based on the Zbrush-like theme in default themes , basically replacing orange highlights with lime green.

      Glad you like it,i’ll share it soon.

  2. DingTo says:

    I have spotted Color Ramps in the third image, do you guys use a special version of Blender? Cycles does not have them yet?

    Great sets, also the tests with OSM Data looks very interesting. Keep it up!

    • Ace Dragon says:

      I believe they said in a post yesterday that Brecht was currently working on ramp shading capability in Cycles. (which is something I personally could’ve used on more than one occasion).

      On the dirt maps. I wonder if it would be possible for Cycles to have a new ‘occlusion’ ray type that is fired from the geometry and returns the distance between any two points on the geometry for use as part of the light path node. Would be very useful for per-object AO/dirt effects.

    • Ni:Zu says:

      We use standard trunk blender (we just have Sergey who fixes any bug in no time ! )

      The color-ramps are not in cycles yet , i just had there the Blender Internal version of that node group as reference , infact the upper set of nodes does the same as those color-ramps using math nodes in cycles (it’s also probably a bit more efficient to use simple math nodes for that)

      Anyway color-ramps and RGB curves are among our requests for cycles :)

  3. Ace Dragon says:

    Also, looking at the image, something like bidirectional/two-way pathtracing could really help with the convergence rate due to its proficiency with small light sources compared to regular path tracing. There has even been tests on BA that confirm the advantage (an image with tiny lightsources rendered with Storm_st’s patch because of rays also being fired from the lamp’s point of view).

    • Ni:Zu says:

      Yes, that dome test isn’t rendering fast at all in cycles , as any interior does with path-tracing. Good point about the lightsources size and bi-dir.

      Also, I have no idea yet what the plans are for cycles speed and integrators (bi-dir? caching? optimizations? denoising? i’d like any of those, but developers know better in such matters)

  4. sozap says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see you working, you don’t waste your time , mango is going to rocks !

  5. Esneider says:

    (sorry for the bad english, i speak spanish), this look like to maya or 3d max, is, this work in Blender, incredible, this works are incredibles (really well.. is perfect)