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As part of our new even-opener initiative, we’re releasing everything but the last minute (and the script)- that means we’re releasing a ton of storyboards!

Feel free to swing over and take a look here at the gallery. Or download the pdf with high resolution images (20 MB).

Massive explosion

  1. pb says:

    Wow – very ambitious and exciting! Can’t wait to see this starting to take shape. Got to the end and found myself saying, “Awe, I want to know what happens next!” :)

    Little confused about what is going on in places – initial set-up, what people are saying, etc. Are you going to release the dialogue/script for these storyboards as well?

    Only real criticism I can give (and it may seem silly) is to remove the word “awesome” from appearing anywhere – it’s a word that gets way overused, is pure exaggeration and grinds somewhat. Usually a good indicator to dip into the thesaurus and/or rework the dialogue. And no, don’t replace it with “awesomer”!! :D

    • ian says:

      That’s EXACTLY why he says awesome!

      • pb says:

        Ah, context is everything – if it’s intentionally grinding then “awesome” away!

        Would be great to see these storyboards put together with a temp sound and dialogue tracks (including glorious bad acting by non-actors! :) ).

  2. Psy-Fi says:

    Someone died to make this. My deepest respect to David…

  3. Tycho says:

    Waaaaa ;)

    So impressive.
    David are you still using al-chemy or just krita ?
    Ton could you uplaod a zip file containing this storyborad in hd := ) I just wanna xg

    • deevad says:

      Thanks, I used only Krita on this one, the shortcut, preset, and tool access is faster than all the soft I knew before.

      You can read several tips I posted about 2 weeks ago :

      For the HD version, sure ! We updated the post and the storyboard page with a pdf , all picture in it are 1440x625px witch is far bigger than on the gallery. The link is one the post.

    • Tycho says:

      Oups sorry for not finich post, cellphone bug.
      That so amasing.
      En tout cas, vive la France :) tu as appris en autodidacte ou en école d’art ?

  4. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    How many Actors are you going to need (I couted a br of 9 till 12)?
    and is there goinig to be a casting (not thad I am abel to act :))

    I am not so sourw what these “Megaman weapons are” I think the “Half life 1” “Bee gun” looke a linke gloves are a lot cooler

    • deevad says:

      You are right, on the storyboard, the weapons of scientist look a bit cheesy, that was probably a shortcut to draw it to make it big cylinder as in Megaman. When I painted this, I had 150 frame to revisit and I didn’t dive into really redraw the concept-art.

      I think I will have to do a future post about revealing the 2 or 3 additional concept-arts ; in the concept it’s much more organic, and for sure the team and Ian will enhance it.

      • Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

        But the Robot is the cooles thing on eath… mutch better as the Dragons on Sintel
        cant wayt to see more

  5. Jakob says:

    So happy that the bike part of the Amsterdam spirit is present in the movie! You could even let some one ride a recumbent bike maybe, to make it more futuristic in a bike sens!

  6. DAVID! C’est incroyable ce storyboard! “`c’est interessant de voir comment t’as fait tout ceci en peux temps mais avec une qualité exceptionelle! Bravo David! :) T’as beaucoup de talent!!

    Love the colours, the story looks really exciting and it definitely shows how the whole team is working extremely well together and productively and it amazes me just how fast you guys are doing all this. Congrats everyone!

  7. I love this! I can’t wait to see this stuff in action. That cat/robot/monster thing on panel 12 is so cool!!!

    Any chance there will be a web comic version after the movie is out? I love the artwork and the story feels like something from a comic book or manga.

  8. 3pointedit says:

    Ambitious, no doubt. That is a serious shot count to achieve, hope you have some non-FX shots to pad with ;) Surprised that David painted evry frame including pans, often arrows are used or frame breaks. Amazing storyboard though, really beautiful.

  9. Bailey says:

    Release the last minute too! I want to see everything. Especially if it isn’t done yet. I’m interested in the whole process. If you’re worried about “spoiling” something, don’t be. I’ll go watch movies at the theater if I want to see surprise endings. :)

  10. blendercomp says:

    Most exciting! :)
    Respect for truly inspirational work.

  11. PhysicsGuy says:

    David, you have outdone yourself. I’m really impressed.

    Although I have to say I’m rather peeved that you switched to Kubuntu, after I installed Mint because you’re using it *grin*.

  12. Phil2.0 says:

    Do you only have “eyes”, guys?
    I’m not here to flame or mess with David but this storyboard is very poorly designed, only the colors save the things.

    Wish you the best anyway!

    • deevad says:

      It’s CC-By stuff, it mean lucky guy like you with ‘eyes’ can fix it if you want to help the team having a better looking/designed storyboard. High-res are in the PDF, and are easy to extract. But I bet you will do nothing… Still simplier to talk, hu ?
      Maybe I should wait for Phil3.0 … Thanks for your encouragement !

  13. Rob Scott says:

    Looks *amazing*, guys!