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by - 2011/12/02 16 Comments Artwork

To show our own progress and your enthusiastic artwork contributions, we’ve added a “Gallery” section on this website now. It’s one of my first jobs on Mango (as production assistant) to manage this section!

Future Koningsplein

Are you inspired by our project? Just post a link here or mail it me directly (rob at The best ones will be added on our website then!

Major thanks to all of you for the contributions of your great artwork and please keep up the good work!

Rob Tuytel.

  1. ton says:

    Right, keep the art flowing! Amsterdam + scifi… how weird can we make it? :)

  2. Lubos_Mudrak says:

    Nice job, i like that futuristic nature of the concepts
    P.S. Have you noticed Sintel on the one upper central billboard too ? :)

    • Lubos_Mudrak says:

      p.s. its on the first picture, sry for double post

    • LswaN says:

      Yep, I saw that too. Did you notice the name of the coffee shop across the street in the same picture?

      • LswaN says:

        Darn, never mind. I think it’s the wrong version of the picture. There was another bigger version that had a wider view of the street somewhere. I wonder where it went…

  3. Nathaniel de Bell says:

    It is evident that the first image within the gallery is heavily influenced by the motion picture “Blade Runner”; I will be very pleased if the fourth Blender Foundation Open Source Short Film is similar visually to the mentioned excellent cinematic achievement.

  4. captainkirk says:

    One request I’d like to make not really related to this subject is to have lots of videos filmed and posted online during the making of the movie. And please post them on Vimeo.

    All the art looks awesome.

  5. Hi everybody,
    this is an underwater artwork:
    I hope you like it

  6. NorvMaples says:

    Best of Luck on the project guys

  7. another concept paint over on an image by Ian Hubert

  8. ton says:

    Keep graphics coming, we’re adding a gallery plugin on this site, easier to present it all. :)

  9. rob says:

    keep posting new artwork, it’s great !

  10. mohammad ali says:

    This is very good ,
    Thank you.