DVD pre-sale started; help us and get a film credit!

by - 2011/12/23 20 Comments Production

During a Christmas period is always good moment to challenge your generosity! Here’s the opportunity again to show your commitment to Blender, to support open source development and improve our VFX pipeline, to help realizing a spectacular open film and – last but not least – to get a film credit again!

Order the DVD here!

After you order and pay, the credit then is also visible here on the website.

  1. JaydenB says:

    Yay! Finally a pre-sale campaign! Can’t wait to buy this for myself at Christmas.

  2. David Jordan says:

    Hooray! I’ve been waiting to support you guys again for so long! Here’s to yet another wonderful project.

  3. Physics Guy says:

    Just placed my pre-order and wired the money.

  4. D says:

    I’m going to wait for the Blu-ray to pre-order.

    Welcome back, Revoy! :D

    • ton says:

      I would prefer bluray too… but keep in mind we will only do or decide this at the end of the project. It then gets available at near-cost price, and probably with as extra the three other open movies.

  5. Hubberthus says:

    Finally! :)
    Ordered and paid, already can’t wait for it! :)

    It will be awesome, the team members are on a very high level!

  6. Joeri says:

    I think the dvd is a waist of resources.
    Nobody watches 768×576 any more.

    A film credit would be enough for that price. And a nice signed thank you card.
    Maybe get a password protected preview, although I’m sure that will leak in 2 minutes or so.

    Having all assets have been proven to be far to difficult for most people.
    The projects are far too much state-of-the-art. There even is no blender development in rendering Sintel files. Spin-offs from past projects can be counted on one hand.

    A nice gift as prove that you are a great supporter is great, I’m just wondering if that needs to be a box with 5 dvd’s of stuff that is on the internet in better form. The movie would be easier to create, and of a better quality, if the costs of making the dvd-s would be spent on the movie.

    Maybe on the next project this could be tested with 3 opt-ins.
    1. a credit for 25,=
    2. a (signed) poster for 35,=
    3. a dvd box for 50,=

    • ton says:

      I also think this video DVD bizz is getting outdated quickly, this is probably the last time we do it.

      Do not underestimate how many people appreciated the PAL and NTSC versions, and especially all the data DVD.

      Having a nice physical product on your bookshelf to prove your film credit works too :)

      • Gianmichele says:

        Agree! Good digital version is always the best.

        And don’t forget that you can learn a lot by looking at the scenes from the production without having to do a spin off ;)

      • David Jordan says:

        I think the DVD is nice to have for compatibility reasons, since it will then easily play on other people’s TVs. However, aside from this I don’t really care about the medium the rest is distributed on as long as it’s free of DRM, will last for several years at least, and is easily read on most computers.
        In the future, it might be preferable to send either NTSC or PAL in a given set rather than both. Let the person pick which they want, and fill the disc that would have been used for the other one with even more goodies.

  7. blendercomp says:

    Whoa, I’m very excited about Mango!
    Order placed!

  8. BlenderEi says:

    Awesome, I’ll buy it in the new year though, since it’s the start of the new accounting year then.

    Supporting the Blender Foundation is my favourite task :)
    Keep it up and have fun with the production.

    My addition to the “outdated DVD” topic: Although a BluRayDisc is state-of-the-art, not everyone owns a suitable player! Same goes with TVs, cameras and recorders.

    Best new year’s greetings to all from Germany and our German Blender User Group: NuremBUG (find us on FB ;) )

  9. Physics Guy says:

    Yippee, I’m in the credits *grin*

  10. Scott says:

    And… done.

    By the way, do you think there’ll be another modeling/ animation sprint like Sintel? I didn’t get the chance to participate last time, but would love to donate more than just money to the movie.

  11. Gianmichele says:

    Rhythm is about 100 copies ordered per day…not bad! Goal should be reached soon :)

  12. Tae says:

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  13. Tae says:

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  14. Tae says:

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