The old church and more

by - 2012/05/24 29 Comments Artwork

My first blogpost as a mango artist; I really like to show everyone the development of the making process.

I started the mango project as a production assistant helping Ton with some production stuff for the shooting days. After that I started modeling. I have been doing this for a long time for myself and now I really like being part of the mango project as an artist.

Down here you can see the development of a couple of parts I’m working on. It’s not finished yet, but I’m happy to share it with you. I’m only doing the modeling and texturing as my specialty is environment development. Today I started working on the city skyline; I wonder if it is possible to make it look photorealistic.

Kickoff workshop: Day 1

by - 2012/03/05 14 Comments Random

We started with a briefing at 10 AM and around 8 PM the mango team finished the animatic. Here are some photos and a short video. Tomorrow we will do the filming, so stay tuned!

Mango gallery

by - 2011/12/02 16 Comments Artwork

To show our own progress and your enthusiastic artwork contributions, we’ve added a “Gallery” section on this website now. It’s one of my first jobs on Mango (as production assistant) to manage this section!

Future Koningsplein

Are you inspired by our project? Just post a link here or mail it me directly (rob at The best ones will be added on our website then!

Major thanks to all of you for the contributions of your great artwork and please keep up the good work!

Rob Tuytel.