New concept art, by David Revoy!

by - 2011/12/23 29 Comments Artwork, Production

With Mike Williamson under huge pressure to finish work for his client, we managed to find David Revoy to help on producing concept art again! That’s been a big step forward for us. Ian really could use a visualizer to go over the script, and I wanted enough material ready to present a good application for the Netherlands Film Fund again.

Mango concept art

Not to mention… the art is just mind blowing! We -sneaky bastards- keep some of the best hidden, but here’s a couple of good highlights already! (Meanwhile, Ian was meant to write a story synopsis for on the blog… will be there soon :).


  1. Eukleyv Cardoso says:

    Nyan cat, really? o.O

    Great job David

  2. n-pigeon says:

    Hahahhaha nyan nyan cat :D Good one, David! xD

  3. Physics Guy says:

    Great stuff!

  4. JG Loquet says:

    Amazing concept art as always

    Very promising ..


  5. kram1032 says:

    Really awesome concept art :D
    And we’re already 3,9% there with the pre sale-meter!

    Though Nian Cat? Seriously? Heh.

    Well, I really wonder how much this will still change, considering Sintel where almost nothing from the first cocept arts made it in there…

    • ton says:

      I also wonder how much of the artwork will be in the film. That’s always an exciting process to watch… things start with nothing and then half a year later it’s a film :)

  6. Awesome! Thank you for charing the initial stages also!

  7. Andre says:

    Great work!!! When the concept art stands for that what will be realised in blender… Oo

  8. Pete Smith says:

    David, You probably know about Lebbeus Woods, he did concept art for Alien and 12 Monkeys. If you don’t, I think his work could be a great inspiration for this project.

    • LoL says:

      You want people to get in trouble?
      Lebbeus did the artwork for Aliens and sued the 12 Monkeys producers for using his designs, that is one reason every film made today is a LLC.

      “Universal’s 1995 movie 12 Monkeys was pulled from theaters after an artist recognized that a colorful drawing of his had been copied as the basis of an intricate set. He received an injunction against further exhibition until the dispute was hastily settled. Although the set was on screen for just five minutes of the 130 minutes of the movie, a substantial part of the copyrighted drawing had been infringed. The movie director admitted that he reviewed a copy of a book that included the drawing and that he and the producer discussed the drawing with the production designer in planning the disputed set. The resulting appropriation cost the studio a payout to the artist, lost playdates, court expenses and lawyer fees. (Lebbeus Woods)

      The honesty of director Terry Gilliam concerning 12 Monkeys is in stark contrast to that of some of the disputants pitted against one another when movie studios are sued by outsiders. Many outsiders go to court despite flimsy claims. One unproduced screenplay resembled a completed movie only in that both were variations on Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde—which hardly is justificable grounds for an infringement suit. (Land) Some judges in their opinions have stopped themselves just short of saying that the plaintiff didn’t have any case and had ingenuously sought to sue the “deep pockets” defendant in an effort to unjustifiably gain some of his money. (Bein, O’Brien)”

      Don’t take inspiration from that guy, he may be good by he is also litigious and with things in the books as non-literal-copying being possible even inspiration is a risk.

      • Pete Smith says:

        You have a good point. I didn’t know the details of that lawsuit.

        This is really indicative of how poisonous copyright is, and speaks to the goals of the free software and free culture movements. We need a clean slate or our culture will stagnate.

  9. Mike Futcher says:

    Very impressive art! Any plans for what’s Physical and what’s CGI yet? Will there be real actors and locations? The integration with reality will really push this project into an unknown realm.

    • Ian says:

      There’ll definitely be a combination of real actors/locations and CG! We’re not totally sure what’ll be which, though. Still in the conceptualization stage :)

  10. Blendiac says:

    The spaceship runs pulseaudio? This does not bode well (prepare for a crash!). XD

    great concept art though! Can’t wait to see it realized in the film!

  11. eMirage says:

    awesome!, I guess that alot of the backgrounds will be done with matte painting, why not invest some of resources on developing GIMP ?

  12. Carsten says:


    That image with the pilot in his chair scares me. Don’t know why maybe because he rescued himself just to land on a lost island to die there starving.

  13. Giovanni Lanfiuti Baldi says:

    Good concepts! Good work as usual!

    Pay attention to the spoilers in filenames!!! :)

  14. Aaaaah! Mind-blowing, for sure! I couldn’t imagine how much explosion my brain could handle once I see those images you’re keeping. ;)


  15. kram1032 says:

    Oh, nitpicky but wouldn’t what ever is on that screen with Nyan Cat and other stuff be mirrored for the guy infront of it?
    As he is in half-profile torwards us, yet all the texts on both screens are perfectly readable…

    Also one can clearly see the Fantasy background of David in the TV-screen-city images.
    Those towers look less like some futuristic building and a lot like huge mushrooms, he might use in one of his typical images.
    Nothing bad at all. It looks awesome. Though it might not quite fit the SciFi part… If it wasn’t for the screens and those buildings’ textures, this wouldn’t look SciFi at all…

  16. Nenad says:

    Interesting concepts! Loved mushrooms and those colorful city blocks

  17. Fernando H. Sousa says:

    Totally mind blowing this one…. I really expect this to work as it will greatly improve the open movie pipeline, empowering more and more people to make homemade movies with vfx and all this stuff…

  18. Milad Thaha says:

    Amazing stuff man! Awesome colors as well!

  19. To clarify: I have only sued once, and that was because a giant Hollywood movie studio blatantly copied my work—which they could have licensed from me for a relative pittance—for a mega-blockbuster commercial film. The studio’s arrogance was, for me, intolerable, the movie’s great director notwithstanding. My works have been copied many times and in many ways over the years for non-commercial purposes, including thesis projects and projects by other artists and architects—and I’ve had no problem with that. In my opinion, copyright laws exist to protect people who make art without financial gain foremost in mind, from people who do.

    • Pete Smith says:

      Hello Mr. Woods, I don’t wish to steer the conversation away from David Revoy’s concept art above, so I’ll try to be brief.

      When I said copyright was poisonous I was referring to artists feeling the need to police their influences out of fear of being sued. Copyright is very useful. In fact licenses like the GNU General Public License and the Creative Commons licenses rely on the power of copyright to guarantee the freedom of software and other content.

      The Mango project is going to be science-fictional elements superimposed on the distinctive architecture of Amsterdam. Naturally your superb drawings came to mind. I hope I didn’t cause any trouble.

      • Pete—no trouble at all. Thanks for clarifying and I wish the Mango project the best—will be most interested to see how it turns out. Kindly keep me informed.

  20. FishB8 says:

    It’s amazing to think that Conky will retain it’s usefulness on desktops so far into the future.

  21. Thomas says:

    Nyan cat doesn’t bother me as much as Opera.

  22. Iohan says:

    Looks very similar to Ghost in The Shell :)