My end of project post : got everything but the t-shirt

by - 2012/06/29 12 Comments Random

A t-shirt -of course- that says :  “I survived project Mango” …

But then forget the usual part about only getting the t-shirt: On the contrary ! you really get lots out of participating to an open movie at the Blender Institute!

And also ,  the project is not over , it’s actually running at a crazy pace. (So, don’t worry guys , there’s time for the t-shirts .. but make it  a Pablo Londono’s design ! )

For me, the top 2 things I got out of it,  are the opportunity to work on just what I like the most : the gloomy charm of a post-apocalyptic urban environment ? -and Amsterdam none the less- ? plus some rusty decayed sci-fi machinery ..can’t ask for better.

But perhaps more important is getting to work with the team , and just everyone was super-great, and it really makes a difference working and spending time in such an environment : I’m talking about the scary-good ninja artists in the team, but also Ton (himself!!)  and the developers (and I was lucky to meet quite a few of them!) really gives a different perspective to Blender not just as a piece of code but a more complex project and network of people.

So here’s the video I recorded for the weekly : there’s an awful lot of trivial technical questions in it .. but that’s the reality of the job :)

Cheers to everyone !  see you again soon on these pages.

  1. Fabian says:

    Wow Thank you Nicolò for this really nice informtations!

    The Mango Team is just amazing!

  2. Micah Denn says:

    You know you can keep using Gnome 2 forever Nicolo ;)

    • Nicolò says:

      Hi , indeed gnome 2 forever !

      It’s actually xubuntu .. in the last months i tried about everything : i left for the institute with my workstation still using the last Ubuntu with gnome2 , and the machine i got there was the same (some had more recent , some the latest) i fought with gnome3 on my laptop all the time i was there and asked Campbell for suggestions near the end , he told me about openbox .. so i tried it ,but to keep it simple i then tried lxde (quite nice , but i was missing some more configuration GUIs..)

      So when i got back and finally got a brand new workstation to replace my elderly q6600 , i went for something even more ‘standard’ and installed Xubuntu .
      I’m quite happy with it , still some minor things to learn again , but works pretty well !

  3. Manson says:

    next project… don’t make an open movie… make an open game project… :D

  4. An eye vu production says:

    Hw ever awsome this is and hate to say so
    would 1k/2k ruin ur butiful 4k video recordings

    other than that thus awsome gob smackingly awsome
    even that doesnt justify it

  5. Lyle Walsh says:

    why oh why do so many people making Blender vids and tuts for others to watch not use normalization for sound. I can’t hear a thing on my laptop. Let me repeat NORMALIZE the sound on everything you make! Its simple, its easy. For some reason its not in the vse yet; but one push of a button and all your mumblings are audible!

    • Nicolò says:

      Normalize .. i’ll remember that.

      The audio was a pain to get any decent : my new superawesome machine must have some software (audio drivers) or HW issue , and the noise levels were horrible (must have been lucky with the previous mobo , most machines in studio had same issues)

      Definitely i have to find better recording mic/drivers-settings/software for future videos.

  6. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    Good Bye :) It was a horner to watch you work :)

  7. ton says:

    Nicolo: you’ll get the team shirt at the premiere :)