Weekly meeting 22.06.2012

by - 2012/06/22 17 Comments Production

This time we are trying to stream with Google+ / Youtube. Chances are it might not work. But we are trying!! Computers are just so hard to use…

  1. timh says:

    indeed. seems to be unavailable. have fun anyway :)

  2. sebastian says:

    Hmm, it’s being recorded anyway. Some privacy settings are not working correctly. We will publish it at the end of the meeting!

  3. It’s working pretty well by the way. And I’m loving the streaming, thanks :)

    [hope to see no spoilers]

  4. What are you using for neon lights? Simply emission meshes? (in the spaceship taken over by robots gun aim shot)

  5. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    You ggot a pretty well progess…
    but the next weeks will gecame hell

    the Robots are a prety bit bigger as aspekted this Rooks the Miki ist workling sooo scary

    the arieship is soo wunderfull peas of flying junks

    the weapons work briliant it unique and :D I am soo happy to don’t be spoild about the end

    Brillant work everything is brilient

    cant wait to see

  6. David Jordan says:

    Looking very nice so far! The hangout video quality seems much nicer than the previous streaming.
    One little question: Is the “flashback/robot memory” part supposed to take place in present day? I’m asking because of the cars in the bridge scene. Are you guys planning to roto them out or cover them over with future cars? I don’t mean to rain on work in progress, just curious.
    Excellent work so far.

  7. postrock says:

    Dont mean to be negative (the work you guys are doing is faboulous), but isnt the rhythm really dull? Maybe the edit needs work.

    • heavymetal says:

      i’m guessing that’s hard to judge from a choppy internet stream with no final sound and music.

  8. Reverend Speed says:

    Beautiful work, guys! Excited to see the finished product and it’s great to see the story starting to come through in the finished footage.

    Any chance of some papercraft Mango fruit drink cartons, for the fans? Might be a fun item to try to sneak into photographs, videos, newscasts… One vector to build a viral buzz.

    Spendid Blender Podcast, by the way. Mr. Barton’s always a pleasure – always thinking of the user, always honest and passionate about Blender – and it was nice to hear Mr. Hubert’s confidence about and exclusive focus on Mango.


  9. mookie says:

    Looks better than I expected but who wrote those dialogues?! “I love your robot hand” is just horrible!