Really Far Behind the Scenes

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Can I in good conscience suggest you watch this video? No. And yet- it is here.

13 minutes of almost completely unedited Mango action; mostly filmed during times that have almost nothing to do with mango, and featuring an absurdly disproportionate amount of Ian’s face.

May I present:

Really Far Behind the Scenes

  1. DingTo says:

    Haha, omg! :D
    Very nice video, although insane :P

    Thanks for the insight!

  2. Aaron says:

    Pigeons, monkeys, and tomatoes – the ultimate combination! =O

  3. iKlsR says:

    Sebastian: what?

  4. FreeMind says:

    “Elephants dream makes sense now”. lol.

  5. Ha, awesome video! Thank you for making me jealous of not being there. ;)

  6. Forseti says:

    Ian is crazy guy :-D :-D :-D

  7. MrGossips says:

    I’m having soooo much fun following everything you do. Thanks.

    Watching this video made me feel like watching “Big Brother” show.

  8. Jan the Freeze says:

    Ian is a a great poet!

  9. Colin Levy says:

    Haha, super entertaining Ian! This is so great.

  10. Solo Kamen says:

    Good video…

    Can you please release the recipe for that meal? This video made me really hungry. :)

  11. Light says:

    This is so cool. XD
    Ian, more of this please!!!

  12. Mikko Stimbra says:

    Awesome content Ian, really enjoying all the content you guys have been working on this time around. Hopefully you’re finding some use in that laptop you got ;D

    (P.S. Represent Kjartan, represent :D)

    • kjartan says:

      “(P.S. Represent Kjartan, represent :D)”

      i am doing my best. i’ve already showed these people the “cheese slicer” (norways greatest invention) and explained rakfisk, brunost.. :P

      • Mikko Stimbra says:

        That seems to get everybody I work with outside of Norway. You would think other cultures would have come up with this for cheese blocks. One time I served brunost at a party with some collegues and they ended up breaking off chunks of the cheese instead of using the slicer (I guess they were intimidated by its advanced technology), needless to say I had no cheese leftovers that night :S

  13. Cessen says:

    Ian! I do not know if you know this, but the text at the end of the video is very pixelated! This clearly needs to be fixed. ;-)

    Looks like you guys are having a great time. Keep up that spirit!

  14. jay says:

    Sergey needs more machines! Send casio calculator watches! An abacus!

    Great vid, really makes me remember the good old college days. Hanging out, drinking, and making stuff (occasionally)- good times!

  15. D says:

    Ian, make a comedy starring yourself. :D

  16. Grafixsuz2 says:

    LOL, First of all, interesting documentary, your head is way too big BTW.

    I always wanted to see inside the Thai restaurant that is made oh so famous by the blender foundation movies. Thanks.

    The chemistry between you all is great. Must make a world of difference. I agree with Jay though, get Sergey more machines!!!

    Lastly, this is the first time ever I have seen 2 pigeons both named Mark! Weird!

    Looking forward to your next update.

    • Grafixsuz2 says:

      What was even more weird was that the youtube related videos were all from Bollywood… (Babul, Balika Badhu etc…) I think you guys have a chance at the big time now. All you need to do is to break out in spontaneous badly choreographed dancing and singing about how happy you are that the pigeons were both called Mark, then you will be there!

  17. Mufeed says:

    I learned something….It’s very nice :)

  18. limhanxian says:

    I lolz at the iron on a tablet.

  19. MadSquirrel says:

    You guys are crazy …… THAT’S GREAT !!! :)

  20. Psy-Fi says:

    By the gods I have to meet these people someday!

  21. Dusty says:

    “Can you squeeze the water to test for ripeness?”
    That made me chortle very much.

  22. Jamieson Christian says:

    “I deleted the wrong monkey.” Awesome!!

  23. Daniel says:

    In the two minutes I’m writing this line of text a baby would grow from just born to two minutes old! Great video! I’m looking forward to the next one.