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I’m baaaaaack! Arriving a little later than everyone else but now the team is complete!

Making up for missing out on the “Quit Blender” fun, I’ve been spending my first few days playing around with some of the half finished models that have been laying around. This robotic arm (modeled by Kjartan from David’s awesome concept with little tweaks by me) is the first to be rigged up as a test.

In this we’ve got three main fingers each rotating it’s segments with a different style.

  • The little finger as just a basic 2 bone/1 axis pivot.
  • The big finger with a median plate between them and pistons coming of each side.
  • And the Thumb with a 2 arm/1 piston type do-hicky…

With each of the fingers on its own rotating segment of the hand, as well as influencing “protector plates” on top of the hand and extra cogs in the forearm and wrist.

For the wrist itself I separated each of its rotational axis to 3 different positions, with the Z-axis split again between another 2 points, all controlled by the 1 bone!

Its still a bit buggy at the extreme angles and there are still a few holes with joins and pivots and stuff to fill up. But for the most part its 99% working!

Now to add the mini chainsaw and other hidden blades of death!!!

  1. Lee says:

    Awesome! It will be great to see some large scale mechanical characters/rigs going on in this one =)

  2. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    very Impressive even without chainsaw and blads of death… :D

    its the love to the littel deatials….
    the gears under the hand whats the purpos (thinkink as it is a real maschien)
    do they controll the hand ore the fingers to…

    love it to see extra bis and peases moving not olny the pneumatis

    I realy hope the finla Model(s) have theas thinks in it
    Do on MORE its gread

  3. Cessen says:

    Wooooo! Jeremy! I miss you man! Glad you’re on the team. Rigging is totally covered with you there. :-)

  4. PhysicsGuy says:

    I love how the hand moves gracefully like an organic hand, but at the same time not in a natural way.

    I reminds me a little bit of the way the robots moved in the movie “I, Robot”.

  5. Martin says:

    off note, but maybe interesting for you. does somebody with an octocopter lives near amsterdam?

  6. Olaf says:

    Have all presale DVD’s been sold yet? I noticed that the sale meter has disappeared.

    • ton says:

      The presale campaign (for film credit) gave us over 1700 sponsors, which was a bit below the target but still more than acceptable :)

      We shouldn’t put such campaign fundraiser tools online too long. It will get replaced with the new offer (dvd & website credit, or gold sponsor film credit) soon.