Powerlib addon for libraries management

by - 2012/04/20 10 Comments Development, Production

A very important aspect in daily production, is to keep assets organized and easily accessible. We needed some system to link complex environments into a scene and being able to toggle the visibility and complexity or their components.
With the vital contribution of Olivier Amrein (oenvoyage) we realized an addon called Powerlib, that allows toggling visibility and level of detail (high and low resolution) of subgroups contained in a linked group.

You can download the addon from a github repository (and also help us improve it! There are a few features that would be nice to have:)

  1. 3pointedit says:

    I didn’t even know about group instance levels of detail! But the script is pretty cool too.

  2. sozap says:

    Super nice !

    And I’m happy to see oenvoyage in da house !
    I think this kind of system is a must when you work with a lot of geometry , instead of having real mesh and low poly proxy on different layer.
    I’ve made something similar in the 2.49 to switch between low/high res character and sets. But without the idea of subgroups. At that time it seems impossible when you have linked groups, because you have to edit the “main” group that is linked. Do you have a todo list somewhere with improvements that you like to make, I can try to implement them if you need…

  3. aneyevuproduction says:

    thats awsome now how much control do we havee over the transition of the high vs low res……

    all these great features, are they already part of the trunk….

    PSSS ton should do a cameo or even the entire blender crew should be cameod into the project @ differant times in the live action extravegazer

  4. aneyevuproduction says:

    awsome work…..i would love to be a devloper……but there comes a point whether i want to work on bringing scripts to life or even bringing scripts to life(if u get what i mean LOL)

    at the moment its gotta be the first option(still learning blender im araid)

    other wise its all overload ……

  5. Gnuren says:

    Is this based on the naming of the objects?
    I mean the suffix ‘_hi’ or ‘_lo’ is the key to making this work, right?
    I’m just guessing here… :-)

    This is going to be very helpfull for someone (like me) who is working on low/medium spec. hardware.

    Thx for the frequent updates to the blog, and of course beeing awesome ;-)

    • Hi Gnuren,
      Yes right now your groups need to end with _lo and _hi suffixes. But you can change them in the script … Although limitation is an underscore and 2 chars.

  6. hassan yola says:

    that is so usefull thank you very much

  7. I could see this idea being fleshed out into the product. With a layering system in groups. Much like bone layers.

  8. Mikko says:

    Clever tool, I like it :]

  9. I love the idea! but for me natural would be.

    Main Object, check under object data tab.
    Have a section called “Proxy”
    Where you could just drop-down select menue for
    LOW-LEVEL etc.

    would be sweet!