Weekly – April 20

by - 2012/04/21 23 Comments Artwork, Production

This weekly was even streamed live via Google Plus! We have already like 700 followers there. Will do that next time again!

Further; just enjoy the pictures! A full animatic (minus last minute) should have been online already too.

  1. mlltak says:

    excellent :D
    excelente, seria bueno compartir un tutorial de blender 2.63
    :D muchos animos
    no se olviden de los que hablamos español un abrazo desde colombia

    • Habrá tutoriales en el DVD una vez terminado el corto (para entonces seguro 2.64), como fué el caso de proyectos anteriores hecho por los artistas, pero seguramente será Inglés, no en Castellano ya que por el momento no hay integrante hispano en el equipo.

  2. ZetShandow says:

    excellent, it’s amazing photo-realism, it seems as if in hogwarts (harry potter), a question, as they did to make the textures of the buildings

  3. Fred says:

    WOOOW! Looking amazing so far!!! By the way, I would really love to know how did you achieved the volumetric light in cycles from the first picture!
    Awesome guys!! Cheers from México!

  4. Gianmichele says:

    WOW The robot with all those cables. I hope you can find a dynamic solution for that otherwise poor Francesco and Jeremy!

    Looks great. Keep up the momentum guys!

  5. shashank says:

    was the g+ hangout public ? I didn’t see any notification :(

  6. marcoG_ITA says:

    “dome_corner” pic is stunning guys

  7. postrock says:

    Pics look great..Is the “bikes” pic a projection map?
    Btw the robot smashing the wall is inspired by Ghostbusters isnt it? :P

  8. Bedreddine says:

    Excellent Job ! wow

  9. Armando says:

    My sympathy to all who where in the train collision in Amsterdam.

  10. Aaron says:

    Is that psyduck rendered or photographed?

    • kjartan says:

      I only modeled charmander. We put psyduck in as shading reference to be able to compare the two

  11. Anton says:

    What is the CGI in the 2nd picture? Looks totally realistic ^^

  12. Bao2 says:

    For me the only bike real is the one on the right. All the others are CG.

  13. That fourth image is just BOSS ! Good thing I´m spoilering myself on this blog or I´d be blown away by the finished movie! Is the virtual greenscreen an artistic pimp for the weekly or does it have a meaning in the movie?