The Drill of Death. Mango Weapons Workshop.

by - 2012/05/05 14 Comments Production

Last week we had a lot of fun producing various props for the movie, for example an assault rifle and grenades for Barley, hand gun tracking devices for the scientists, an eye patch for the captain and some other things. It was great fun to take a break from sitting in front of the computer and instead going out, hunting for props, assembling stuff and doing some real physical work.

Jeremy made us a kick-ass assault rifle out of a bunch of plastic nerf guns!

  1. Jeroen Mank says:

    Blender institute evolving into Blender Workshop and Blender Digital?

  2. Tycho says:

    Waa nice … Looks realistic and even if it not perfect you can add some detail with tacking and compositor. Its surely easier to do as a full cg rifle. Just you may think to weight the rifle with some lead to allows Barley to play with it as if it was a real gun :)
    Keep going team, looks more and more cool evryday

    • Tycho says:

      ah yeah and jeremy look realy like a psycopath mecanist from some mafia with his glasses, his smile and the gun. Now im sure that noone are gonna steal the teslas :) He is guarding the institute …

    • Francisco says:

      +1 for the weight ideia!

  3. D. Brooks says:

    A cute heaven. Still, it would seem like a waste of skilled resources who could be working in software, vs. others without such skills. Still, recreation can be a welcome break from slaving away sometimes. ;)

  4. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    I am realy shoced how nice a Toy Gune is abel to Look I was one of the 109 Peopel How was luky to don’t miss the you Transmission and the Light Thinks make the gun realy work

    will you make an articel about the Treaking dvies?

    PS.: Cowboy and Bebop hase oneof the Fines OST and is gread for work :D

  5. ctdabomb says:

    did he just paint the gun black? it looks awesome!

  6. 3pointedit says:

    After watching freddiew’s youtube videos (of sfx and guns), they recommend using guns with mass for hero shots. Are you guys adding some lead or steel inside those Nerf guns? They even use guns with recoil units and interactive lighting.

  7. Peter S. says:

    Couldn’t help noticing the “Blender for Dummies” book on the shelf in the background. For emergencies only, right?

  8. aneyevuproduction says:

    Alot of camera tracking cycles and modelling must have been done,,,……………to achieve that level of realismm………………………………………..

  9. zomby says:

    Is it safe to drill without protecting gloves, goggles, and earplugs?
    what if drilled item accidentally undergo explosive decomposition ?

  10. belich says:

    i did lots of models listening the same music =^,^=

  11. Daniel Zorro says:

    CowBoy Bepop Songs, Yoko Kano and that perfect armonica, the best music ever

  12. Lamoot says:

    Brings back ‘Nam flashbacks :)