Baby head

by - 2012/02/24 12 Comments Artwork

Another concept idea done yesterday we will probably not use, scripts changes are going better and better.
Thanks for the comments on previous drawings :)

(Krita 2.4 Beta) 

  1. Tadd says:


    Baby head spider robot … that is terrifying. I will now have nightmares for eons.

  2. Forseti says:

    Haha, that reminds me the spider baby from Toy Story :-D

    btw nice work

  3. Trideka says:

    Yep, I’m okay with this not being in the movie, or anywhere.

  4. hassan yola says:

    I think is not to amazing but since it’s a art I mean concept art it’s look very cool ! but for movie I am not a fan !

  5. LswaN says:

    I think this oughta be the main character for project Gooseberry!

  6. jcvd says:

    Simply, NO!

    “Baby head” robot spider… wtf!

    @Deevad: Throw it, restart from scratch, please :)

  7. ludopencil says:

    HI guys!

    I have make this Celia’s robot concept… ;)Hope it will give you some ideas!


  8. Andrew says:

    I know where a similar character appeared: Russian movie “Night Watch” :) But this one looks much more weird :)

  9. deevad says:

    Thanks for the comments about the concept.
    Mostly directly get why we will not use it :)
    Thanks also for the links ( Andrew , this photo is terryfying ) and for sharing ideas Ludopencil , defintely good idea in it but for the moment we keep cooking story and concept internally ; these robot design is still really linked to the story.

  10. What? The main character did not make it into the movie? :D

  11. ndundupan says:

    like toy on toy story :lol