Soundtrack files released

by - 2012/10/17 19 Comments Production

Composer Joram Letwory sent me the original soundtrack files. You can now download these via our brand new download page (see above) or just click on this link. The files have been released as CC-by-nd, which is quite common for music. It means you can use it freely, also commercially, but you cannot disassemble or remix it.

Added note from Joram:

I partly used commercial sample libraries for the Tears Of Steel music and sound. Because of that we published the soundtrack as a CC-by-nd. This covers the limitation of some of the commercial libraries that their sounds may not be used in new samples (even if they are layered with original samples). However, I would of course very much like it if the soundtrack were to be remixed. So, if you do want to cut up the music (for any reason), please send me a personal message and I’ll give you permission in writing including the restrictions and conditions to cover the previously stated limitations.

  1. ZeroO says:

    Will it be included in the DVDs?

  2. NFP Digital says:

    Awesome! I loved the Soundtrack in Tears Of Steel

  3. yeonil says:

    The real question is – will it blend?

  4. ton says:

    The dvds have been shipped and will arrive to everyone’s addresses shortly.

  5. LOGAN says:

    Now we only have to wait for the Dialogue 5.1 and sound effects 5.1 tracks.
    Shame you are not allowed to remix the music though, like people do with Gangnam Style, hehe.

  6. Almin says:

    Is there any chance to get the shhets? Because I would be really interested in what chords the piano plays in 04 End credits from 1:07 ongoing ;)

  7. Almin says:

    edit: of cause also in the other pieces like in 02 The dome from 1:54 ;)

  8. I just updated with the AIF files and the copyright text that go with the soundtrack files.

  9. qubodup says:

    ND is slightly disappointing. Individual or team decision?

  10. jan the freeze says:

    Really dissapointed by the ND licence, why? Will he reconsider if asked nicely?

    • ton says:

      Joram would love to release it as cc-by, but he carefully checked all his sample library licenses, and one of these forbid to release a soundtrack with the right to disassemble it back to its original samples and market these. Joram suggested CC-NC at first (non commercial) but that’s also very limited – but he for sure doesn’t mind people to edit the music or make remixes. In this case the CC standard seems to not work for us… we’re examining it.

      • David Jordan says:

        Perhaps it could be either released without that one sample library or released as cc-by with the note that said thing used by it includes proprietary stuff. Nina Paley did this with Sita Sings the Blues, while she did license the songs for free distribution in her film, she released the film as cc-by-sa despite it containing songs that weren’t cc at all. This means people can legally remix it in any way that doesn’t violate the copyright of said songs. In the same way, Joram could release his musical piece as cc-by or cc-by-sa, so people have all the freedoms except the restrictions of the sample library he can’t take away. Then just make a note of that in the copyright.txt file

  11. FZ says:

    Hey Joram,

    to be honest, in the beginning I was sad that Jan had to leave the boat, because the Soundtrack to Sintel and BBB was just great.

    But since there was this Soundtrack Demo, I knew the soundtrack will be really Powerfull :)

    Thank you


  12. David Jordan says:

    Perhaps a share-alike license would be good. That way it does prevent the worst commercial appropriations, but allows free culture projects to use it effectively as long as they keep everything under the same license.

  13. Keavon says:

    Thanks for including the AIF so I can convert it to FLAC, but a FLAC download would be very nice.

  14. Josias says:

    The production files will be releases only in DVDs?
    Some ftp?
    Thanks and congrats for all work!

  15. Nabil Stendardo says:

    Don’t these restrictions also apply to the movie itself (since it contains the soundtrack, which contain these tainted sound bits)?

  16. Tae says:

    According to the Internet Archive's video, the credits starts at 09:48 and ends at 11:48. There is an ending credits music.