All DVDs shipped

by - 2012/10/19 47 Comments Production

Right after the conference, Anja’s been very busy packing and sorting all pre-order DVDs for Tears of Steel. Here’s a picture of a proud Anja just before it all got picked up!

  1. WOW! It’s really awesome :O. How many DVD?

  2. S J Bennett says:

    Thanks Anja!

  3. Shri Venugopalan says:

    Thanks Anja! When will they arrive?

  4. Evgeny Dragun says:

    Thanks Anja! My DVD somewhere inside :)))

  5. JG Loquet says:

    Cool :)

    Looking forward to receiving my copy !


  6. Alex Stewart says:

    Good work Anja, hope you don’t have a sore back.

  7. jan the freeze says:

    I just got mine! 4DVDs! Happy surprise, my 6year old likes the movie.

  8. jan the freeze says:

    Thanks Anja, clever choice of shirt color!

  9. stephen says:

    Hazaa, can’t wait!

  10. Cyrus says:

    Cant wait. :)

  11. Georg says:

    My DVDs somewhere in there! Looking forward to get it in my hands. Thanks for the movie and the whole project!

  12. Nick P says:

    thanks Anja.

  13. TigerP says:

    Just received my DVD by mail today.

  14. Jeroen Mank says:

    Hm, didn’t arrive here.And I’m in the Netherlands.

  15. YAYZ! :D Can’t wait to get mine – should be within a week a two, right?

    In any case, thanks a lot everyone! Blend On!

  16. Michele Carbone says:

    Thank you very much, Anja.
    Can’t wait my DVD!!!

  17. Jeroen Mank says:

    Yes! Got it! Thank you all!

  18. xboong says:

    I got it also. Thank you very much!!!!

  19. Cweorth says:

    Received mine this morning (Paris).
    Really great ! I’m going to dig into the DVDs !

  20. LswaN says:

    Thanks Anja! That’s a lot of DVDs to pack!
    I’m kinda jealous of all you Europeans who’ve got the DVDs already, I’ve got to wait for mine to cross the Atlantic and half of America…

  21. blendercomp says:

    Thank you! :)
    Can’t wait……

  22. Carsten says:

    WOW.. i received my DVD Saturday morning here in Germany. By far the fastest OpenMovie of all :) Thank you, i started watching the (freaky) documentary…

  23. mitras2 says:

    On Saturday i got the DVDs [in Germany]
    Thanks Anja for packing all the DVDs !

    Now it’s time to watch the Movie again, followed by the documentary and the tutorials =)

  24. Olivier says:

    Got mine today !
    Awesome !

  25. Rafael Rios Saavedra says:

    I got it today [Spain].
    I hope I could see it after work.

    Thank you all !!!

  26. Shilam says:

    Got it today, thank you!

  27. Just received my copy today and first thing, play the documentary… ¿¡by Ian Hubbert!? ¡¡And it’s awesome!!

    Thank you very much Blender Foundation, this fourth open movie is great, and all the dvds content really great.

  28. Leonardo says:

    I received my copy yesterday…Amazing…I’m happy :-)

  29. José Ricardo de Jesus says:

    Estou doido pra receber logo os meus :)

  30. I just got mine! Thanks guys! :D Can’t wait to look through the discs…I haven’t even taken the plastic film off yet!

  31. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    My DVD also arivde… same days ago got sam quite busy days and lokking forward for the weekend for the lookthroo

  32. PMowry says:

    My copy came in Yesterday (Louisiana, USA).
    Thanks Guys,

  33. Keith Blackard says:

    My long awaited copy has arrived! Thank You!

  34. Corfy says:

    I got mine today! Thank you very much! I’ve already watched the main film twice on my TV.

  35. Sam Gleske says:

    Mine was actually delivered during hurricane Sandy last night. :)

  36. Matt says:

    Yay. Got mine last night too (Wisconsin, USA).

    In watching some of the special features/tutorials I noticed a bunch of things that I didn’t notice when I watched ToS the first few times. Many of them are so well done that I didn’t even notice them until they were pointed out in the tutorials and shot breakdowns.

    I think that must be a measure of the success of the VFX pipeline in blender and the talents of the artists that in multiple viewings, there were pieces of the movie that were CG that I had taken for granted.

    Once again, the Mango Team deserves a hearty congratulations, and now that I have the DVD, I feel sadness that this projects finally has a punctuation mark (!).

    Thanks to all for sharing.

  37. belich says:

    Mine arrived yesterday at Buenos Aires Argentina,

  38. Drew Vogel says:

    Thanks everyone! I received my copy in Cincinnati Ohio USA today. I’m enjoying exploring the DVDs, and hope to accelerate my learning of Blender by studying the information!

  39. Indraa says:

    Finally, I got it yesterday evening in Singapore!
    Thanks everyone!

  40. Pierre Prégardien says:

    Thank you for the Belgian post, I haven’t mine yet…I’m sad.

  41. I’ve get my DVD today! But my dvd box is broken, i don’t know who send it, because i found it in front of my door, when i want to go :(

  42. Sévérino says:

    Hello everybody ! ;-)

    Do you know informations about the next blender open movie ??
    For 2013 or 2014 ?

    Thank you !!

  43. Adauto A. Araujo says:

    Hi, I received mine a few days ago, but just yesterday I had a chance to watch it. Very, very, very good Job. Excellent.

    I confess I was a little disappointed with the tutorials. I was waiting for something about Cycles.

  44. Anber says:

    I got mine :) Retro Robot approve; He has no nose.