Production update – the days after

by - 2012/10/03 12 Comments Production

  • Everyone’s back home, so it’s a bit silent :)
  • The DVD box is being replicated now. Ships monday to our e-shop storage… but might only arrive wednesday, just in time for the conference. We might ship wednesday still, or the week after.
  • Yep, in a little over a week the Blender Conference starts – meet with Ian, Francesco, Nicolo, Rob, Andy, Kjartan, Sergey, Sebastian, Brecht, Joram, myself, and the one I always forget!
  • Visitors at the conference can pick up their DVD orders!
  • Youtube hit the 500k views in less than 6 days! We get 98% positive response. :)
  • We enjoyed the huge response – ranging from serious reviews, honest compliments,  fanboy cheering to the traditional armchair crits – this film is going to be remembered.
  • Psst pssst: interest from serious producers too; Ian’s having interesting emails already!
  • 3DWorld will cover ToS in the november issue.
  • Today: Blender 2.64 release! Check :)
  • Soon: a download page on this site with subtitle files, more encoded versions, sound files, and so on.

That’s it folks. Back to work!

  1. YEY! Downloading…

  2. @Ian – Wow, emails from producers already? Congrats!

    @Ton – Wish I could go to the Blender Conference, it would be so freakin’ awesome…I’m about 4000km away though. Maybe next year ;) Great to hear about the DVDs too, I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival in my mailbox!

  3. Reverend Speed says:

    That IS pretty freaky. =)

    Congrats to all!


  4. Big Fan says:

    Yeah I think Ian has a good future ahead of him, thanks in part to the profile afforded him by this Blender project.
    Nice that 2.64 is ready about the same time, and just before the conference.
    Well done Ton. Have an extra beer this Friday :)

  5. nlin says:

    Now that things have settled down with the film production: is there a link that explains the story, as the director and/or the team intended it to be interpreted? I have my own theories, and I’ve found some other speculations, but I haven’t yet seen a definitive explanation of the story (or rather, the back-story).

    Or is the interpretation intentionally left as an exercise to the reader? :)

    And, all the best for the Blender Conference. Wish I could be there for the 10th anniversary, but alas, I already took one trip to Amsterdam this year!

  6. Stephen says:

    Would really like to come, but a bit choc’a’bloc with work at the minute, hopefully next year. No doubt this production is going to get lots of exposure for Blender. Given a huge budget and a couple of years for development/production that a normal blockbusting feature film gets, I’m sure Blender can produce visuals that go toe to toe with the competition.

    … what would be brilliant is if a couple of big VFX houses or animation studios switch to Blender and start investing the budgets they normally spend on licensing on paying developers to create new features for Blender. Makes perfect sense to me…

  7. Punkalyptic says:

    Any chance for ToS SD w/5.1 versions? Having trouble watch in HD with my current hardware.

  8. TFS says:


    How did the graphics show go? and how did last fridays screening go?

  9. J. says:

    I know you can’t be specific, but what do those producers want from Ian? To direct something? Or to be part of the art department or something like that?

  10. Light says:

    Emmm… I’m kinda love how all the planning and hard work turn out.

    Ton, how do you consider my review,
    serious, honest, fan-boyish, etc?

  11. josef_n says:

    One thing i noticed about this movie. Is that instead the movie making us cry(because of its good story). It made the Production crew members cry because of its negative story review.


  12. 3pointedit says:

    In the big league now, I heard a mention of ToS on the Weirdthings podcast!

    Great work, loving the repeat viewings.