Pigeon Rig Screen Cast

by - 2012/08/28 9 Comments Rigging

Originally rigged in 2 hours, yesterday I decided to try it again and screencast it for you all.
2nd time about 45mins (-time for script UI and boneshapes)!
I suppose it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re doing the 2nd time round :P

Model: Kjartan Tysdal
Rig: Jeremy Davidson

  1. freakygeez says:

    wow, when it’s deconstructed like that it looks so simple!

    Got a bit lost on the legs, why 3 bones?

  2. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    Pretty littel Rigg,
    same years ago you rigged a Olwe for the Dutch sandmann

    Did you use the same rigging methode for the wings?

  3. Big Fan says:

    I hate to ask but Tues 28 is over. How was the pre premiere? Did the movie get finished sufficiently enough? Talk to us someone.. ;)

  4. J. says:

    Pre-premiere and the movie were great!
    One thing went a little wrong, as the DCP failed to ingest on the server due to a problem with an external HDD. (just hurry hurry last-minute bad luck)
    Luckily the video projector/laptop backup solution also provided a great picture!

  5. cool says:

    Where I can download the bird?

  6. agus rahmat hidayat says:

    this is too heavy for my RAM n VGA :)
    but its nice……….

  7. Morten says:

    I would love it if you posted it in slowmo. To fast for me…