Having fun during the kickoff workshop

by - 2012/03/06 8 Comments Random

The Kickoff Workshop is a lot of fun!

We did the filming today, and it turns out the team is made out of awesome actors!

Little tour through the institute:
Team is working, Sergey is fixing bugs.

  1. CT. da'Bomb says:

    Ian(i think that who it was) looked lazy and just sitting around while everyone else was working.
    cant wait to see it…..
    wish there was a mango throwing scene(a bit late for that now maybe)

  2. hassan yola says:

    sorry for you Ian!

  3. Dick Rowilson Becerra Herrera says:

    al incluir el video, por favor dejarlo transparente, para que este no quede encima de la foto.

    by including the video, please leave it transparent, so it will not be pictured above.



  4. jan the freeze says:

    Ian is a real Poet

  5. Aaron says:

    I bet as soon as the camera was switched off they all stopped and brought out beer from under their desk. Har har! :P

    The first model we see, I thought was a rabbit until I looked again. Giant evil robot rabbits attack Amsterdam en masse and salivating. :D