Blender Institute Filmstudio

by - 2012/03/06 7 Comments Production

Bought this morning 4×500 watts halogens, and borrowed a huge theatre light from the neighbours. Right now I hear screams coming from the studio, probably they’re filming ;)

  1. JaydenB says:

    Thought about uploading any stills of them filming or from the camera? And also, are you filming this on the RED EPIC to try and practice the workflow of the film?

    • ton says:

      We film it with a regular Nikon camera, lens 11-20mm. Red Epic testing is better to do with more attention.
      I bet there’ll be stuff uploaded in the evening!

      • ian says:

        Actually ended up using Sebastian’s T2i 550D! Which is kinda fun- I think these days it’s the most common pro-sumerish camera, and it’s nice to try out the whole 3d tracking workflow with the tools the average blender user is more likely to have.

        And yes! Lots of stuff to upload this evening!

  2. hassan yola says:

    bleak days comming !

  3. J. says:

    Are you gonna use real film lights (like Kinoflows, Blondies etc) for there real Mango film?

  4. Gnuren says:

    I’m very impressed (and inspired) by how fast you work!
    And thx for the frequent posts.It’s allready fun to follow your work :-)

  5. Tadd says:

    I can’t wait to see what you guys do .. I love these Blender projects, really inspiring and exciting to see in the work.