7H30 and frame 200

by - 2012/03/03 11 Comments Random

Found on my desk this morning…

  1. captainkirk says:

    It looks like a suicide note to me.

  2. J. says:

    Monsieur Revoy haz vworked verrie longue!

  3. Tim Blokdijk says:

    Go Boy!
    Now it’s your responsibility to make it into a film Ian..

  4. MeshWeaver says:

    Go get some rest, David! :P …though of course, with the 6-hour time-difference between here and Amsterdam, you’re probably up again already.

    Anyway, congrats on finishing! :D

  5. Danny says:

    You deserve it, David!

  6. Aaron says:

    That’s the kinda message everyone should find in the morning! :D

  7. Blendiac says:

    Ok, but is no one going to ask what that thing up the top left corner is?!

  8. Jan the Freeze says:

    Robotic thumbs up FTW!!

  9. deevad says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    This was really a huge task, I corrected 150 colored speedpainting frame for the storyboard during all a long day before I wrote this message.

  10. Milad Thaha says:

    Woah, 150?! That’s quite a huge number, kudos to your work!