Nicolo, Kjartan, Francesco arrived. First day together!

by - 2012/03/04 24 Comments Production

No blog updates? Unfortunately that means we have loads of fun together! It’s now sunday afternoon and it’s the first time in 2 days I can sit down a while and check the web and email and this blog! Here’s quick bullet point updates:

  • Everyone’s installed in a room in a cool appartment. Especially the one in the canal area (at Keizersgracht, awesome views) will make your Dutch friends green with envy!
  • Yesterday Ian and David presented their mindblowing storyboards and script. For the team it was the first time they saw the entire story worked out visually and in detail. Lots of questions, many open (design) issues to tackle, definitely a lot fun ahead! There’s shots in this film that’ll become epic & iconic :)
  • We then went for the ritual after-weeky ‘beer at the windmill’ and ‘dinner in thai’ evening. Many more to come!

Right now:

  • Sergey is doing is Russian citizenship duties! He’s now on a train to The Hague in Amsterdam to vote.
  • Sebastian is doing recordings for the Track Match Blend DVD here.
  • Francesco is finishing his Animation Mentor homewerk.
  • David Revoy is at Schiphol airport waiting for this flight back to Toulouse.
  • Kjartan and Ian are on a bicycle trying to find the bridge over ‘t IJ to the northern part of Amsterdam, enjoying some nature.
  • Tonight Rob will bring the *horrible cheesy funny* Amsterdamned movie, to have a film evening with the guys.
  • I’m going to write a funny silly short script to present tomorrow morning to the team; they’ll have to execute & finalize it in 5 days as getting-started workshop!

(BTW: it seems nobody is smiling at the pictures, but that’s a coincidence :) I’ve just done quick snapshots yesterday, didn’t want to miss a second).


  1. Aaron says:

    Are they sweeities in the little white bowls? :P

    Sounds like the team will have a busy week ahead of them executing that script you’ll present tomorrow.

    All looks and sounds like lots of fun! :D

  2. PhysicsGuy says:

    Good to hear that you will be watching Amsterdamned! Be sure to point out the scenes that were filmed in Utrecht!

  3. David Mulder says:

    Hmm, hope the result of the workshop will be posted o.O :P Oh well, have fun XD

    • ton says:

      The 5-day workshop deadline is Amsterdam 17.00h here, and within 1-2 hours after that on YouTube! Tony Mullen is around to film a documentary making-of :)

  4. hassan yola says:

    nice pictures Ton ! and thank you for sharing all that with us we’re learning a lot leaning and watching you !

  5. MeshWeaver says:

    David’s leaving already? O_o

    Thanks for uploading the photos, Ton, really awesome to see the team coming together! (Can we expect a Directorial Address or something of the kind from Ian?)

    Oh, and that last image looks like a cross between MegaMan and Portal 2, which is awesome :D Just beware of combustible lemons…

    • deevad says:

      Yup :) I left the Blender Institute on start afternoon, and I’m back in France.

      I will see if I can do a blog post report of my 2 weeks inside Mango preproduction this week.

      • PhysicsGuy says:

        Well, thanks for your incredible hard work! I’m looking forward to your blog post and also to see what the others will do with your work!

        Will you still be working on the project now that you’re back in France?

        • deevad says:

          @PhysicsGuy : Currently my job is done for the project Mango.I was “only” a concept-artist, storyboarder and previz artist. Not a Art Director as I was on Durian/Sintel. Ian will assure the Art Direction this time, and I fully trust him to give this movie a unique look.

          Anyway, I will be still around private channel and private mailing list of the project in case of needing an extra 2D volunteer work, or giving tips for Linux and open source workflow with graphic apps in general.

  6. Mike says:

    “We then went for the ritual after-weeky ‘beer at the windmill’ and ‘dinner in thai’ evening. Many more to come!”

    Um … so a bunch of degenerate alcohol-guzzling jerks with high IQs have gathered to make a movie?! Care to show us a sample of the art that you can produce after getting a hangover and vomiting all over the computer keyboard? If I’d pre-ordered a DVD from you, I’d be asking for a refund.

  7. Jan the Freeze says:

    Thanks for the many website updates!!

  8. Alessio says:

    hey guys! please, have fun!
    nice of you watching that cheesy movie, not bad at all btw.
    be sure to check the chase scene, which is awesome. And maybe also good for inspiration?

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      The chase scene is the one I was referring to in an earlier post. It was partly shot in Utrecht, because the canals in Utrecht have these terraces on the water level, that the ones in Amsterdam don’t have.

    • kjartan says:

      We all loved the movie :) that boat chase was awesome!

    • ian says:

      Haha, SO GOOD!!! And yeah- the chase was surprisingly impressive! Very fun film.

  9. J. says:

    Don’t forget to watch Dick Maas’ film ‘Śint’, with visual effects created by your neighbours from Filmmore!