Starting up: Sebastian and Sergey arrived

by - 2012/03/02 15 Comments Production

Two team members arrived safely today. The studio is looking like it’s being used again, so cool :)

  1. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    now the Fun stars :)
    I enyode fowling Durian bekaming Sintel….

  2. DingTo says:

    Yeah, welcome guys! :)

  3. JamesNZ says:

    Why are there 2 stuffed toys in front of David Revoy?? :P

  4. andy says:

    …So all the dust is still there? ;)

  5. Shader says:

    Well, good luck guys!
    I have a question – what is the wristlet on David’s right hand? I suppose it’s need to keep tablet surface clean?

    • deevad says:

      It a ‘smudge gard’ from Wacom ; its not to protect the tablet but to improve gliding on the surfaces and do better lines. It also prevent to smudge pencil or ink on real drawings. I love it.

  6. Milad Thaha says:

    Awesome! You should put up some contests and let the winners be allowed to visit the studio :D

  7. hassan yola says:

    I love all pictures from the blender foundation studio it feel very peaceful place ! but I realy prefer it when he’s full of artists being
    Hey david the left screen isn’t look to bright for you ?

    • deevad says:

      I set this screen to max only to maintain my LCD sun bathing :)

      More seriously, I think the camera couldn’t handle well the contrast in this shot and set the screen to very bright. No Gimp’ing over were done :)

  8. Mark says:

    Wish I could work there….. looks like such a good atmosphere over the last few projects.

    sigh….. maybe in my next life…. ;)

  9. Campbell Barton (ideasman42) says:

    And here I was thinking, cool, finally get to see picture of Sergey after all this time, but no – you hide behind a lamp, next time… :D