Weekly Meeting 06.07.2012

by - 2012/07/06 13 Comments Production

This week’s weekly, again via YouTube.

  1. t4C says:

    Beats me that Google does not allow live streams to be watched from Germany. :-/

    • J. says:

      Dann brauchst du doch ein proxy? ;)

    • Daniel Wray says:

      I read on one of the previous live weekly shows that Google / Youtube are just complying with a specific broadcasting law in Germany.

      • J. says:

        Yep, that comment was mine. ;)
        But if you want to watch a Hangout on Air stream anyway you can circumvent this restriction by using a non-German proxy server/site, VPN etc.

  2. Psy-Fi says:

    getting no sound after a few minutes into the stream.

  3. A says:

    What’s with the Twix bar for a whole 7+ minutes of video?

  4. D says:

    in the clip at 23:33 have to be particle -> parts of the roof have to falling down caused by the robot.

    sorry for my bad english ;)

  5. Big Fan says:

    Ton I think you need to get a couple of helpers ASAP ;)
    Re the robot I think someone should go look at an excavator at work. Its not as fluid a motion as you might think. There are jerks and trembles in the movement and it is a bit linear. Presently the animation is a bit organic and floaty IMO but I recognise you need to move on otherwise you will never finish those shots we keep seeing each week. Yeah I am a tough armchair boss :) Coming along though. Keep it up….

  6. alwadhani says:

    i have a “dump” question, what is background extension? is it an addon or a method you used for the background (speaking about the arm shot). also good job guys i love these weekly meeting videos they are so helpful. keep the good work;)

    • kjartan says:

      in that shot we had to remove the actors hand and the tracking markers attached to the hand. One way to do that is to paint/clone/manipulate out the hand, put that image on a plane and make sure that plane covers the foreground that you want to cover (the hand/tracking markers). Since we had a solid camera track, thanks to Sebastian, I was able to put that background extension in the back of the scene and make it work seamlessly with the moving camera

    • kjartan says:

      haha, just realized that i’ve used the wrong term. this would be called making a clean plate not background extension. stupid me :)

  7. Manuel says:

    Is there coming an random image selection of this weekly too?
    I hope so :) Great progress again