Weekly – March 16

by - 2012/03/18 5 Comments Production

Every friday at 18h we’ll drop our work and gather together to do a short presentation of work. We always have a couple of guests then as well. This friday we had Tony Mullen here, the girlfriends of Sebastian and Jeremy, and Filmmore VFX supervisor Willem Zwarthoed. Willem worked for me 11 years ago (with Bart!) on the website and for Blender support. Since his film academy graduation he works for Filmmore, mostly using Maya and Nuke. Willem shows us some cool Amsterdam vfx work he did for “Sint”. Check the docu here.

Every artist then showed his work and progress of last week; which is mostly doing tests and designs – also to get ready for animatic work. I’ve copied a random selection of graphics just for your fun. Most of this had been discussed here already, or will be next week!

(If you like to attend a weekly, just mail me to make an appointment. We prefer to limit to a just few guests each time, we cannot handle masses here! ton at blender.org)

  1. MeshWeaver says:

    …careful there guys, that looks like quite a drop! ;)

    Tests are looking great! I especially like the generators – they have a bit of retro-ness to them, which makes them instantly recognizable for what they are, and yet they also have some futuristic-ness which is really awesome :D

  2. FZ says:

    Wow I just hope you also post the daily news!
    Great Pictures!


  3. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    is the head of the robot-bear thingy final?
    cause it remins me more as a bolldoser with legs …
    the conceptart of David was more like a Bear…

    but the 3 jaw insect mouth is realy charming :D

  4. Jan the Freeze says:

    You know that underneath the ouder kerk it is all skeletons and bones. The whole church is a graveyard for the ancient rich. Any destruction or digging should turn up some interesting debris like sculls, teeth, crowns and jewelry! Just check blendswap ; )

  5. PhysicsGuy says:

    I love the turbines or generators, or whatever they are. I especially the details, like the hoist eyes. When modeling things, one tends to forget these practical details. Very nice!