Monday morning kick-off

by - 2012/03/19 3 Comments Production

Every end of friday 18h we do weeklies – artists/devs show their work. These weeklies we try to be constructive and cheerfully positive. That way everyone can enjoy a friday drinks/dinner together and weekend without too much stress as well. Every monday at 10h we do the kick-off meeting. Then the new targets for the week are being discussed, and some asses get kicked – when needed. For Durian this practice did quite well, so I’m testing it with the team here if it works :)

Notes from today’s kick-0ff:

  • Ian will work on moving storyboard edit
  • Everyone continues design work (robots, dome, props)
  • Target: friday basic models – also character stand-ins – ready for 3d animatic work next week
  • Ton/Rob and Ian will finish breakdown work (all scenes and shots numbered and quantified)
  • Sebastian finishes the tracking training dvd this week, Francesco assists on dvd design and html work.
  • Everyone does a blog post, of course!

Image: a tree across the institute already has leaves. It’s spring soon!!!

  1. ctdabomb says:

    YAY!!! spring in march!!!
    is that a mango tree? :P

  2. fix the description:

    Awesome Psyduck + Charmander silhouette over the bookshelf!

  3. Jeroen Mank says:

    Gee. The trees in my street haven’t even started budding.