The Premiere – Photos of Steel

by - 2012/08/29 43 Comments Production

Some more phodos from the premiere (there will probably be even more in the next couple of days).
It was such a great evening!
We really enjoyed it and had lots of fun. Seeing the movie finally on the big screen with Joram’s awesome soundtrack was just great.
Now some days of recovery and then we’ll start polishing everything so we can present it to you guys!

  1. arrrharrr says:

    IMGP7471: I know what he’s looking for :)

    • Olaf says:

      Yes, that’s Ton’s niece. She did the makeup in the movie. I had a chat with her during the break. Not bad looking ;)

  2. M1C4HTRON13 says:

    Any updates on if your going to be supplying the film on usb or blue-ray?

  3. jan the freeze says:

    Congrats! Now back to work! ;)

  4. John Wise says:

    It was at Siggraph that I fell back in love with Blender after 10 years away. After getting home I paid for my DVD of Tears of Steel. It’s great what everyone is doing and cooperating on to make this all happen – CONGRATULATIONS to all.

  5. Olaf says:

    I shot some HD video if the Blender Foundation is interested.

  6. Blendiac says:

    …now to try and avoid spoilers for the next month!

    • Anonymous says:

      AFAIR, everything was nice after pre-premiere of Sintel, I think, it will be the same this time too.

      • Davis says:

        That was a few days though- This is much longer. I think the Blender community is cooperative though. :)

        • J. says:

          The Sintel pre-premiere was in July 2010 and the (online) premiere 2 and a half months later, so I had to ”STFU” for quite some time, longer than with ToS now. :P

  7. Giacomo says:

    Thanks to all of you :D!
    The movie is simply AMAZING!!!
    Unfortunately I was too tired to attend the party, but… I think I’ll do better next time ;)!!!
    Hope to see all of you again guys!!!
    [Can’t wait for the DVD now ;)!]

  8. Jack Harris says:

    A toast: To the awesome Blender People making history today. Hear, hear!

  9. Emir says:

    When’s the Youtube version going up now?

    • LswaN says:

      If I understood the post correctly, the team will go back to work for a bit to get the movie ready for final release, including the DVDs and such. Would guess that the YouTube version will go up when all that is done.

    • FZ says:

      End of September. You can see it on a picture with the credits. ;)

    • ian says:

      September 26th!

  10. Keir Mierle says:

    Looks like a great time! I wish I could have been there to see it. I’ll see everyone at BConf.

  11. meltingman says:

    Congratulation :-)
    comment que j’aurai voulu être laaaa :-).
    LOVE :-)

  12. Big Fan says:

    OK so I have to ask ‘why has this movie not attracted a following in the community like past ones?’ Unless I am wrong very few people visit here and comment. Blendernation hasn’t carried any news item of the pre premier, and next to no one who went, a couple of hundred I guess, has any great enthusiasm about what they saw to share other than a simple sound bite. I didn’t see any BlenderArtists thread about it yet either. Very weird. What happened to hype and Blender mania? Is this banned now we have guidelines for being a good Blenderhead?…. I know the team have been very busy in the last days but this climax seems to have fizzled a little as far as the audience are concerned. Don’t get me wrong though I’m still personally keen to see the finished item in all its glory but I’m shruggling my shoulders a bit…

    • stephen says:

      … party pooper…

    • ton says:

      Just wait for us to release it! There’s really nothing to share and discuss yet.

      What’s different compared to previous projects is that we didn’t have enough time for organizing more online involvement (like model sprint, tutorials, etc), and that VFX work is not a topic everyone’s interested in immediately.

      From my viewpoint – compared to Sintel we have about 60-70% of the attention (blog comments, dvd sales, etc). That’s very nice and not unexpected.

      • deub says:

        I checked BBB’s and Sintel’s blogs almost every day during their production but didn’t came here a lot because I was afraid of being spoiled: I stopped coming when the decision was made to show a lot more than previously.

        Maybe some others have reacted the same way?

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      Although Jonathan’s “don’t be a fanboy” rant was a topic of discussion during the opening, I don’t think we are actively trying to not be super-positive about the movie.

      I think there are a few reasons there is not a lot of discussion yet:

      1) there were relatively few people at the pre-premiere and a significant portion of them were not blenderheads.

      2) a lot of things were already discussed, because the project wasn’t a super secret as (for instance) Sintel was.

      3) I’m not discussing too much details, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. There is a lot in the movie that we haven’t really seen in the blog.

      I can just say that the movie was epic. The shots were great, the dialog was funny and the music was really awesome.

      • Big Fan says:

        Hmmm good reasons I suppose. It sounds like it has a ‘must see’ recommendation from you anyway then which is encouraging, whereas Jonathan only gives two and a half stars out of five on principal regardless….
        Guess I can stick my candifloss in the freezer and come in a month…

    • Anber says:

      I stop making frequent visits because, for some time, very little was being updated on the blog. Later on things picked up.

      In Elephants dream, everything was new and exciting. In Big Bug Bunny, the fur development was getting me exited and in Sintel, the Dragon and the rigging of Sintel got me excited with regular updated on the progress of the technology. With Tears of Steel, the compositing and motion tracking was getting me excited but there were too many updates showcasing the masking on the raw footage. It was impressive but I was getting bored after a while.

      Now I’m super stoked to see the final result :)

  13. stephen says:

    Wish I could have been there… Hopefully next time. Can’t wait for the online premiere, whoop!

  14. Richard Slater says:

    Muita bom, pena que não pude estar presente :(

  15. Fakhri Azzam says:

    I’m Can’t waiting for movie ^^

  16. Mägi says:

    I think I’m on the wrong continent.

  17. AlekB says:

    What software do you use for DVD burning?

  18. Man-Go says:

    I really like the robot illustration on /wp-content/uploads/2012/08/IMGP7471-150×150.jpg
    Could do a great Blender splash screen!

    Congrats to all of you! you made it!

  19. meltingman says:

    jajaja, y feel like a fanboy ..Bût:-).
    this film is a premiere for Blender too, the mix real and Computer graphics is on very good example for all people want to use Blender for professional Works in vidéo. I’m So happy for this direction and for the development of blender thank’s.
    i’m wait for the VSE/compositor mixing together.

    Y work whith blender and do somes “ateliers” in frensh Guyana and Blender is a really good alternative for people dont want to be pirates (with adobe crakers)

    Thank’s you :-)

  20. Stuart says:

    I check the blog every day – VFX is of great interest to me and to see the evolution of the tools created for this project is fantastic! Being a user of 3dsmax and After Effects it’s great to see a product that can achieve a lot of functionality from both these tools; not to mention it being open source!

    Congrats and thank you to all involved for giving us a powerful alternative to the ‘industry standard’ software packages.

  21. WOW! Congratulations! I can’t wait for film and the DVD :D

  22. 3dementia says:

    I take phoDos all the time. @sorry couldn’t help it….

    • kjartan says:

      throughout the making of mango it’s been a running joke that if you have a problem you can just put a phodo (photo or a curtain or a pigeon!) on top of it and that would solve everything :)
      sebastian thought it was especially funny