The 4k re-rendered and re-graded version

by - 2013/06/02 4 Comments Production

We’ve uploaded the HD scaled down version to youtube now! All the frames (4k 16 bits tiff, HD png) are being uploaded now, will arrive in a couple of days. Enjoy this super crisp new version in Youtube or download a .mov from the NLUUG mirror!

  1. Sam says:

    I thought that youtube allowed uploading of high resolution video? Why downgrade it?

  2. LOGAN says:

    Finally good grading! Thanks. But… Again a missed opportunity to FINALLY add the 5.1 audio tracks to an official, guys. I surely hope that the theatrical showings do use 5.1.
    PS. You also can upload 4K movies to youtube I heard.

  3. hisher says:

    Much better quality. Noticed it right away!

  4. Ralph Giles says:

    The original 4k tiff files are up a Xiph.Org now.

    1920×800 png files derived from the re-graded render are also available.