All 4k frames – now available on

by - 2013/06/14 4 Comments Production

All of the rendered frames in 4k, as 16 bits TIFF files, are now available here:

You can also find the HD scaled down png files there for encoding fun!

  1. Ben Waggoner says:

    It is awesome these are available. I’m spending my 4th of July playing around with making some UHD and HDR encodes from them.

    However re-graded TIFF files aren’t tagged with a color space, which would be useful in trying to generate HDR content from the sequence. Are they just the standard sRGB IEC61966-2.1? That is what the re-graded 1080p PNG files are set to.

    Also, they don’t appear to have even LZW compression applied; exporting graded_edit_00893.tif to LZW TIFF via Photoshop yielded a reduction from 125 MB to just 45 MB. Apply that basic compression could save a *LOT* of bandwidth!

  2. ton says:

    Hi Ben,

    It’s all standard sRGB.
    The TIFFs were saved using Blender, I should inspect if this has compression even… will do next time :)

  3. Bogdan says:

    Hi Guys,

    do you know any commandline tool(or just any tool) to convert TIF images into YUV video file?