Team complete!

by - 2012/03/14 17 Comments Production

And, here’s the Mango Open Movie team in two versions, all of them still looking like fresh young happy people! From left to right: Nicolo, Ian, Sergey, Kjartan, Jeremy, Francesco, Sebastian. (Brecht is working from home still this month).

  1. ctdabomb says:

    “(Brecht is working from home still this month).” is the team really complete then? :P
    fun fun fun fun……
    they should be wearing blender shirts!

  2. Terencedesu says:

    Sergey’s happy face is indistinguishable from his sad face.

  3. alwadhani says:

    on question were guys told to keep your hands on your pokets or you just wanted to look COOL ;), keep it up guys we too will be following you from home.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happened with Roman Volodin? ( )

  5. Diego Herrera says:

    Sebastian’s eyes are closed in the second pic LMAO

    • Markus says:

      Maybe Sebastian can track his closed eyes and replace them with his open eyes. And he could add some signs over their heads showing the persons name.

  6. Damianeczek. says:

    where the tab to ?

  7. Wasabi says:

    Guys? …
    There are all Headless in the Page Banner.

  8. gray says:

    I dream one day to be at her place !

  9. david says:

    An all male team I noticed.
    Did you have any women applicants?
    I’m well aware that the 3d business is really, really skewed in this respect. Women seems to prefer 2d drawn animation. But there are women in the 3d business. To only have a male crew should be embarrasing to the project and Blender foundation.

    • Mako says:

      Are you kidding me? REALLY? Out of everything you could nit-pick about this project you choose to make it about feminism. Congratulations sir, you are an ass.

      The only thing that is embarrassing here is your comment. I don’t think it matters either way who is on the team, be it all girl, guy, or whatever. The only ‘concern’ you should have is skill, and they are all have that in spades.

      • david says:

        Well thank you.

        I’m curious, “of all the things I could nit-pick about” – What would that be? I can’t think of anything else to “nit-pick” on. I think it seems like a quite good project and am eagerly waiting to see what it will bring to the compositor (which is my main use of Blender).

        So you don’t think it’s a problem that as a whole the 3D industry has failed to attrach women? It is an artistic trade, traditionally an area where there is a higher quota of women, yet it is a mainly male centric industry/community.
        It is a huge problem for all of us. I had higher hopes on Mango as it is an open project, but I guess it’s only open as far as software goes, not open minded.

        I agree that skill is what is to be valued the most, but if there are no women applicants even, then it’s something wrong with the industry itself, not necessarily this project singularly.

        I do not want to work in a business where it’s all males, I’ve worked on companies (3d commercial) where it is like that and I very much prefer a mixed enviroment. It tends to be a much more harmonic and relaxed work enviroment then with a broader artistic knowledge.

        I don’t say Mango should have picked women just because they are women, but when there are non or even no applicants, then there is a large problem . Mango could have choosen to be an open project in more sense than just free software open.

  10. kilon says:

    Is that a “before – after” photo. Before they realise the amount of work and after ?

    Looks like it …. :D