Quit Blender! Source files and HD version

by - 2012/03/13 24 Comments Production

As promised we release a final version of the kickoff workshop short film in full HD for your delight, containing a few fixes and tweaks. We are also releasing the main production folder under CC-BY license for you to explore and improve.

Here we have an outline of the quit_blender_files folder:

  • chars – the library files for the tentacle robot and the dones
  • footage – a readme.txt file, which will invite you to copy in there the content of the quit_blender_footage folder
  • scenes – all the VFX shots in the short film, shot_XX_compositing usually is the final version of the file, linking in all the libraries and effects
  • sets – basics sets used for tracking support, masking and compositing

Since a lot of renaming and refactoring has been done, it is possible that some paths might still be broken. Make sure you are using a recent (trunk or 2.62 should also work) release version of Blender.

Last but not least enjoy the full HD version of “Quit Blender”!

  1. JG Loquet says:

    Excellent, thanks :) !

    Very cool of you to post so often and share so many things.


  2. Jeroen Mank says:

    No sound? In the HD version of the video i mean

  3. Psy-Fi says:

    Ah, I was worried there’s somethng wrong with my speakers

  4. Aaron says:

    Well thank you indeed! :D

    I’ll definitely have a peek and play with these.

    Is it just me, or is there no sound in this video? And yes, I have my speakers switched on and turned up. :P

  5. Reuben says:

    Great stuff! Sound is working fine for me

  6. LswaN says:

    Cool, thanks a ton for the files, I’m looking forward to learning from them.

  7. Thanks for blender open movie team to share the production file and footage. Now trying to learn from it..

  8. Matt says:

    Thank you so much for opening your process and releasing your production folder.

    I have a lot to learn…

  9. Blendiac says:

    Would be awesome to see these posted up on Blendswap…

  10. ndundupan says:

    AWESOME! Thank for share the productions file :D

  11. Well I’m waiting for the Sintel files too :) , these will be very useful to learn some other stuff.


  12. wow!! production files are awesome.. very perfect without any confusion. shall i know the system config for the kick off project.. can u tell me about something like Ram, Graphic card, and Processor.. it would help for others like me..

  13. Marek Zeman says:

    It is amazing!!!

  14. jhon says:

    nice project

  15. blendercomp says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to learning from them!

  16. blendercomp says:

    Just wow! The video looks really *great* in HD.

  17. CT. da'Bomb says:

    why is everything green lines in the .blends?

  18. MarkB says:

    Ja!Ja! You guys are hilarious! Looks great!

  19. MxD says:

    Bad actors, great Blenderers ! :-)
    Thanks for the amazing, instructive experience and your preparedness to share !

  20. glop says:


  21. Aditia says:

    Thanks guys..this is SOO AWESOME

  22. Kocer says:

    Why don’t you use cycles?

  23. iexgjauy says:

    Links don’t works. Where i can download “production files” & “footage folder”?

  24. ditaly says:

    super j`aime baeucoup