Prop Hunting

by - 2012/05/01 18 Comments Production

After having decided the locations to shoot on we now have to get our props ready for shooting next week.

We need guns, grenades, weird old tech stuff, buttons, cables and old crap. Well, everything you always need in a post-apocalyptic weird scifi story!
A good place for that is the famous freemarket in the Vondelpark, that takes place each year on Queensday. This year the Amsterdammers where really lucky to get the only day with beautiful weather, blue sky and warm sun for Queensday. So yesterday whole Amsterdam plus thousands of tourists was getting out, dressing orange, getting drunk and dancing on the street. And so where we! Well, not exactly, but at least we got out to go to the Vondelpark, where there is the traditional freemarket where kids and people sell their old stuff. Perfect place to get all kinds of old crap that we can use in the movie, for example old Super8 projectors, typewriters, grenade-belts, toy walkie-talkies etc.

Today Ian, Jeremy and Kjartan went to the toy store to buy nerf guns, that are now being disassembled and put together to form the badass hero rifle for our sniper Barley!

And if you happen to live around here and have a closet full of scifi stuff, grenades, rifles, or other interesting stuff, you can take a picture of it and post it here. We might need it! :)

  1. Michael says:

    So much orange!

  2. I’d recommend having a look at the gnomon vid:
    Prop Fabrication for Film with Rick Hilgner, Thanks to that tutorial I now have a cupboard full of broken stuff I daren’t get rid of incase I can meke a gun out of it :D

    • ian says:

      Hahaha, yes! I have boxes and boxes of great junk at home- gauges, belts, goggles, latches, straps, and lenses- But over here we’re having to scrounge from scratch.

    • rafster says:

      Is there a link to the video where you DON’T have to log in??

  3. irve says:

    Try to find local larp crowd contacts. They have probably built a lot of what you need for their own purposes and with close-up quality.

  4. Tycho says:

    “the only day with beautiful weather” :) Are you not exagerating a bit …

  5. postrock says:

    I dont exactly understand this…toys have such awful designs most of the times. You guys already did a lot better with the stuff you modeled so far.
    Why would you need awfully designed, cheap looking, plastic rifles?

    • jeremy says:

      Because we can cut up the cheap plastic rifles, mash them together into one gun and tack on other real world stuff to make it look like an awesome post apocalyptic future rifle.

      • postrock says:

        I understand that, i just meant that with the kind of skills you people have, you could just use a piece of wood with markers and CG it.
        Although i get that you cant make every last object in Blender for different reasons.

        • PhysicsGuy says:

          The two approaches are not mutually exclusive. You can have some kind of futuristic looking weapon that the actor can hold and interact with (fold it open, click it together, screw on a silencer, etc.). If some part of the look is to hard to make, you can add it in CG.

          Don’t forget, the point of project mango is not to do everything in CG. The point is to show that it can be used to do VFX for a live action movie.

  6. i thought u guys were gonna model ur own guns then use object tracking to track card board cut out representations of the desired gun….(u get the point)…..

    PS sorry for the sour note
    on the positive side those guns would be awsome in a lik of blacck silver and a really light blue/red….. spray

    and those old items i.e. type writers can be built into your systems(film compueters) so that it will be a mash up of old and new…..


    PSS Ton should do a cameo

    • ian says:

      Ah, we definitely thought about it! But given the amount of direct interaction the characters have with the gun, the quick movements, and the proximity to the camera, that would have become a pretty huge task. Since we’re avoiding it to begin with, it means we’ll be able to make the rest of the CG better, instead of spreading ourselves too thin.

      • PhysicsGuy says:

        But you will have to add muzzle flash, right? Or whatever sort of deadly stuff will come out of the barrel.

  7. please don’t post anything of the style and types of guns u manage to make…….put that in the dvd(r guys gonna do bluray)]

    ps looking forward to filming i hope the weather works well for u guys in the uk the weathers raining, confused raining, and even more raining….lol

    good luck guys

  8. pb says:

    You’d be surprised what some props are made out of. Once went to a Star Wars exhibition with the original props from the movies and, on close inspection, the communicator thing Liam Neeson speaks into in Episode 1 turned out to be a Lady Shaver!

  9. blenderLeo says:

    So that’s where the money is going… ;)

  10. This is very Good News! Next goal should be to build up the film in the cinema with special effects!!.
    With great respect.