Production update

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Cool stuff is going on still! :)

Michael Williamson, concept art / story board artist

I’m really happy we found a concept artist to help out Ian Hubert in the concept development phase and during story-boarding later on. Michael has a great portfolio and lots of industry experience. He will working online with Ian now, and can come over for several weeks to help shaping the final storyboards before we start with the full 3D team (for animatic, pre-viz).

Some sample artwork

Joris Kerbosch, Director of Photography

Joris can bring in a lot of experience for us, having done commercial work and completing his 2nd major feature film just last month. We already had two meetings with Joris, he’s enthusiastic and a great match with Ian! Pending further production details and scheduling he’s very interested to join the project as DP.

Rob Tuytel, production assistant

We met Rob last year after the Sintel premiere. He then amazed us with excellent quality Blender graphics of 17th century Holland. He’s not even studying art, but film production at the Amsterdam Film Academy. Rob will be working for Mango as an internship, specifically in charge of organizing everything related to the filming itself.

Fabian Reus, Mango blog redesign

Yeah the blog design was a quick whipped up version to get stuff online. Something more sophisticated and stylish is in the make now by Fabian Reus – who provided the 2011 conference logo as well (done in Blender and Inkscape :).

Andy Goralczyk, 3d rendering/lighting artist

Andy is still busy finishing Omega, and after that will do his graduation project at the University of Karlsruhe. Luckily our project planning includes the summer holidays, so he’s available for us to make Mango look totally awesome in the June-August period.

Keir Meirle, libmv developer – camera tracking / matchmove specialist

Keir has a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge of camera tracking and matchmoving. He is not only available online as developer and consultant, will come over for 2-3 weeks during the filming to be onsite for last minute fixes and help.

Campbell Barton, developer

Having private duties & commitments in Melbourne, it’s not possible for him to come over for the full period. He at least is available online full time – for Blender work and Mango help – and pending negotiations with Cathy & India we’ll have him here for a period too :)

Blender Conference 2011

The sunday morning – around 11h – you can find Ian, Sebastian, Andy, Joris, Sergey, Brecht, Keir and me in De Balie for a feedback and Q&A event.

More stuff

Work on finalizing deals for camera sponsors (redcam or better), studio(s) for filming is ongoing. Also subsidy requests are being sent out and the sponsoring prospectus here will come online soon. :) Laters!


  1. DingTo says:

    Great news, this project will be great! :)
    Glad to see Andy in the team again!

  2. Greg Zaal says:

    Man I can’t wait :D this will be epic I’m sure

  3. kike san says:

    where is vfx simulation expert?

  4. Jimmyon says:

    Awesome news!
    That concept art is very inspiring, im sure he will great job for the mango concept art too :D

  5. Seb says:

    Great news ^^ The whole thing is truly interesting! I hope to participate in the community calls.

  6. JamesNZ says:

    Great to see that Michael Williamson is on board! :D

  7. There is better then Red cameras? :D

  8. Joe says:

    Great News!
    Regarding the cameras, isn’t the “rolling shutter” effect, which is common with CMOS cameras (like the mentioned Red cams), problematic for camera tracking? Or is the effect negligible for professional-grade equipment?

  9. Impressive, also i really like wray bowlings website….sadly at first i mistook it for an updated Mango website because of the comment area and clicking the wrong highlight….

    AIs there any way to get a sneak preview of the types of characters we may see?

    also, loved the hidden blender ‘trophys’ in the last video (Sintel) would love it if you created more secrets :D

    and finally….im by no means perfect, but im a pretty good lighting caster….although i doubt you need one….I also have an extensive and constantly scaling resume of Graphic arts… Just in case ;D

    (prolly wont be needed)

    • also, my website isnt professional…its more of a play thing (mainly because i have no clue how to sell imagery…)so i use it for hobbying, instead of actual work….in america dreams dont come true unless you have money or talent…..and talent only kicks in past 30, when people can be impressed with your portfolio….there arent many jobs for entreprenors in this field…college classes are starting soon though…maybe ill have a better edge

  10. Craig Macon says:

    There is a rolling shutter issue with CMOS cameras. But I have only seen it out of control on something like filiming the prop on an airplane. Carefull blocking of shots and obeying the rules when panning help.

    Also of note, all of the major Motion Picture camera manufacturers have officially quit making film cameras. Panavision, Arri, and Aatton have all ceased production.

    The largest rental house for film equipment has also auctioned off all of their film based gear citing low demand. Film currently only accounts for 30% of productions.

    Kodak is also in trouble and is in position for possible hostile takeover as it has $600 Million in liquid assets on the books but owns patents worth 3 Billion.

    Film is on its death bed. For better or worse.

    The Arri Alexis also is a CMOS sensor. I read where someone online said that the Panavision Genesis is a CCD (so it must be true.)

  11. Blender Fan says:

    This time i would like to see more work on using Blender in more cross platform.Used or export/import more better with top animation softwares.

    Best of LUCK Developers & of course Mango team for a great movie to see forward..

  12. Craig Macon says:

    @Blender Fan

    If the past is any indicator, this probably won’t happen. Ton has always set out to use Open Source software whenever possible. It is one of the reasons Blender has a built in Non-Linear Editor and a Compositor.

  13. Dummy says:


    after seeing Ians Blender Conference talk I got very very pessimistic …

    Worst prepared talk ever … nothing tested before (hardware), unorganised speech, unorganised media data, much hot air ….

    If this will be the same in mango … good night!

  14. Full says:

    Go for a full 3D animated short not a live action.

    Amateur live action are too cheesy, unbalanced ( real shot/CGI ) and have bad acting.

    Or you could use mocap even thought it won’t necessary save bad acting :)

    I’m not really enthusiastic…

    Good luck anyway

  15. Simon says:

    Make sure to have an experienced vfx supervisor on set. It will make a huge difference for post work.

  16. CT. da'Bomb says:

    It would cool if/when Cycles and the camera tracker get merged. Because then you can take HDRI video, track it, add your Suzanne heads or whatever, and since cycles can use HDRI images for lighting,you can use your HDRI video for light and your monkeys will be light perfectly for that scene saving a bunch of lighting/composting work.
    Sorry if this is confusing.
    Would this help any for Mango?