Blender Conference Secrets

by - 2011/10/31 21 Comments Artwork

A lot of you have been asking: what, exactly is going down at the 2011 Blender Conference?

Well. Let me tell you.

Secrets. Super Secrets. So Secretive I can’t actually tell you.

Here’s a picture of Ton showing all the best secrets.


That should clear THAT up!

  1. francoisgfx says:

    mmmaaaannn !!! what is that ?! how do you expect anyone to CSI it now ! you could at least blur it :p

  2. I know that someone will make a algorithm soon that allows to reveal everything :P I’ve seen that CSI thing, they do it all the time and we know if something appears on TV, it must be absolutely real.

  3. Moises Salvador says:

    zoom… enhance… zoom… enhance again… rotate 45 degrees… Stop! Right there! just what i thought. it’s black U__U

  4. Wehrdo says:

    Hmm… Either a touchscreen interface, or a fingerprint scanner into a sealed vault. I’d bet on the fingerprint scanner ;)

  5. The thing is… Look at the right hand… Not the finger pointing the paper/board hidden by a huge super computer effect.

    Well. In the right hand, the jedi lightsaber or something like that… Ton is ready to use it but the force told him to wait…

    I don’t know… Perhaps all this is CG work and Ton is simply in front of a coffee machine and he’s pushing a button for a coffee addict. I’m an addict too.

    >>what you see is all CG :-)

  6. 3pointedit says:

    De-blur is real of course (I saw the tech demo by Adobe). But you could always enhance a reflection from the bicycle bell below the white board. undistort it and blow it up.

    Looking at the bell’s surface it seems to be low spec, a bit matt like. So you should try the seat instead. You may need to get a nor map of the bottom that resides there and perform an unwrap to get the right island shapes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow! The new header image of the blog looks so awesome!

  8. Paulo Bardes says:

    Yay, I was there….

  9. Paulo Bardes says:

    BTW, where is the picture where Ton is holding a laser beam?

  10. Lucas says:

    It looks like there’s some dust on the camera’s sensor!

  11. full says:

    ooh, very interesting bloggin’
    Are you trying to make a movie or just want to make some bad jokes and buddies?

    Don’t waste your time, pls.

    • ian says:

      Full, pretty sure we can do all three!

    • All work and no play makes mango a dull movie!
      All work and no play makes mango a dull movie!
      All work and no play makes mango a dull movie!
      All work and no play makes mango a dull movie!
      All work and no play makes mango a dull movie!
      All work and no play makes mango a dull movie!

  12. Carsten says:

    I reconstructed iT!

  13. lindsey says:

    I’d like to buy the shirt Ton is wearing. Where are these sold?

  14. rg-5 says:

    Woo! Someone in the background is wearing a Sintel shirt! :)

  15. Mägi says:

    This is awesome.
    But I don’t like secrets much…

  16. Aaron says:

    I’ve enhanced it, I got it off their corneas!

  17. Aaron says:

    ohwait… I suppose they’ve hidden all of those.. DAMN! foiled.