More Location Scouting

by - 2012/04/27 13 Comments Production

On the quest for the locations of the movie we visited 2 great places in Amsterdam: the old energy museum and the tower of the Oude Kerk. Unfortunately the energy museum was closed officially, and all the cool electricity machinery that we expected to find there has been moved to a different place:
But the place was still great!  Would have been the perfect location to shoot many scenes of our movie. Unfortunately we didn’t get the permission to film there.

The most breathtaking view so far was the visit to the tower of the Oude Kerk. Beautiful overview of Amsterdam!

For one hour we also got the chance to get the whole church just for us, exclusively! We got home with hundreds of reference pictures…

  1. postrock says:

    What’s the point of NOT giving permissions to shoot. I never understood that. Doesnt seem like a place you could ruin in any way.

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      This could be for many reason. It could for instance be a matter of insurance.

      • J. says:

        Such a pity, it seems to be a great place that almost looks like a soundstage; you can rig things everywhere.

        • ian says:

          Yeah! Oh man, can you imagine having that as a starting point? Being able to improve upon that as a base/reference, instead of having to create everything from scratch? I’ll admit; I’m pretty darn disappointed. That said, now we’ll have even more control over the final look, but it’s a bitter-sweet tradeoff.

          • Armando says:

            Is the building unsafe? You didn’t have to wear any helmets like in a building in construction. That”s important like insurance, safety, etc.Who is the owner of it? Hope he’s following this and maybe…. a miracle will happen. Good luck to you all.

  2. TFS says:

    Lightworks, the open source video editing software (currently in beta) is going to be released on May 28.

    Wonder if it is going to feature in the institutes pipeline?

    • yellow says:

      Unfortuneatley there’s nothing open source about Lightworks for the time being, from what I understand it’s only been released on Windows on the 28th May and under a yet to be determined licence which won’t be GPL or LGPL for sure.

      • blenderguy says:

        Lightworks will indeed be open source, but the code will not be released until the third quarter of 2012 (see

        • Anonymous says:

          I have really bad presentiment about it, ‘coz they always shift the date for the Source Code :(

        • yellow says:

          You don’t need to provide me links to a project I’ve been following for years now and it’s not worth arguing about. :-)

          Until the source code is released it’s not open source. They haven’t put an open source license on the code and it’s not available.

          Editshare say the opensource route has been started that’s all.

          It’s like someone calling them self a millionaire because they got their first paid job out of school. There’s a long way to go and a lot of hard work trying to get there.

          When you can download the code, compile it freely then it’s open source.

  3. 3pointedit says:

    Last shot, Ton considers putting the city in a Blender, typical evil genius.

  4. Tycho says:

    Btw, nice new site website banner. Just a question is motion blur already implement in cycle or is it composite from internal ?
    Bad news for the energy museum : is that matter of insurance ?
    What about sound design ? Has the sound library creation started.
    Ho, je, last thing : are the admin gonna update the site team page to add the new team members (like production designer, casting society, sound designer …) ?