Mango Weekly 27.07.2012

by - 2012/07/27 10 Comments Production

This week’s weekly will be presented via Twitcam. I just cannot get Google Hangout to work. We are just not very technically skilled… :)

  1. MxD says:

    Looks promising ! Have a nice weekend guys, and a fresh start next monday ! :-)

  2. Mike says:

    You guys should invest in Desktop Presenter or some sort of screen capture software

  3. stephen says:

    Radio mics!!!

  4. Guido says:

    Awesome again!

  5. J. says:

    Wow, those bits of music you have now sound absolutely great, it changes the tone of the first minute completely!

    One tip: Trim the screaming of ”Techhead”. I would cut it like this: ”No, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” with a bit of echo of the scream at the beginning of the next shot/scene, because then it makes sense in a filmic way instead of looking like overacting (to me).
    Enough possibilities with inserts to cut up the dialogue a bit.

  6. Bif Fan says:

    Looks to be a ‘gripping’ short movie now with different dimensions rather than something slightly goofy by default. Is that a good way to put it? Pleasing to see everyone actively engaged in the project and dedicated to making it work. 5 short weeks left but its certainly much improved. Keep it coming ;)

  7. Nick P says:

    these are getting so epic!

  8. Peter says:

    Now I understand what the plot of the shortmovie is … nice!