4k premiere at Seattle Festival

by - 2013/05/03 1 Comment Production

It’s Ian Hubert’s home town, and we’re in the official selection! Click on Image to visit the SIFF website.

  1. ton says:

    Cool reply from a projectionist who tested our DCP preview:

    “The technical quality is also perfect. I let it run over and over again and watched it from different places in the auditorium and never once saw something that distracted me. Well, maybe some details in the compositing that I never saw in the HD-version, but that’s the power of resolution. I also paused on different scenes and went up close to the screen to watch it down to the pixels and I could not see anything out of order. And I have actually seen compression artefacts in major Hollywood releases, so if the rest of TOS looks this way it’s going to be marvellous!”

    Pending upload speeds, our time, and sponsors (who get it first), we expect to have this all available online for everyone during June.