4k image gallery

by - 2013/05/01 3 Comments Artwork, Production

We’re almost done! Below are samples from the 4k renders, regraded and sized down to HD. Original 4k png files are here.

BTW: we will have a test screening in Amsterdam, Eye Film Institute, May 8, 10 AM. If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re welcome!

  1. LswaN says:

    Wow, beautiful looking stills. There were a few places, though, where some of the texturing on the models was not detailed enough to hold up to the bigger resolutions. But these frames really bring out the beautiful details of the video, the incredible color grading work, and the flawlessness of the composites. Excellent work, I really enjoyed looking through these.

  2. Rimas says:

    Tubes on robot are “too clean” in 11_thom_robot.jpg, so look unnatural. Everything else – nice job! Great work, great improvements!

  3. DigiDio says:

    What a quality. I’am fully impressed by setting up this professional quality. Very good job perfect.

    Just bought the 3d printing DVD. Just fun to create printing art together with the latest version 2.67 cn’t go wrong ;)