Netherlands Film Fund and Cinegrid support Mango!

by - 2012/04/13 36 Comments Production

This week we received two times great news!

1) The Amsterdam Cinegrid consortium – researching 4k media distribution and creation – grants us support of 20k euro. That’s to encourage us to at least use a 4k pipeline for filming, storage and conversion, tracking and keying in our studio. This makes it possible we deliver (parts of) the film in 4k, but this depends on factors we will only know in a few months.

2) The Netherlands Film Fund today confirmed we get a wonderful grant of 30k to support the filming process, and another 30k for the animation/CG side of our project.

With both subsidies, our current sponsors, and the ongoing DVD sales (yes, we still need you!), it means our project now is financially being covered in a decent way; allowing us to hire a good film crew, good hardware, great artists, and of course development time!


  1. Gianmichele says:

    Is production time going to be extended? Are you planning to have more artists?

  2. Jayraj Kharvadi says:

    Greattttt… Congratulations… I will be buying my DVD soon :)

  3. Kriss says:

    Wow, thats quite a lot of money! @_@ Hope you spend it on making Mango even more awesome! ;D

  4. 3pointedit says:

    Don’t forget better craft services! yum.

  5. Armando says:

    Please, please, please, add some more minutes to the movie.

  6. TweakingKnobs says:

    fuck yeah !!!

  7. Olaf says:

    How about a Blender CGI feature movie starring ME :)

    Just kidding, but a sci-fi feature movie could REALLY help the Blender Foundation’s finances, enabling it to hire more developers to make Blender even greater!

  8. crowline says:

    please, please, please dont add more minutes to the movie.

  9. tristan says:

    Wow 80K more is a nice amount. Want Mrs. Jolie in the movie… hmm let me calculate…

    • Olaf says:

      I believe that the Blender Foundation should ask some well known movie stars (but not the top movie stars obviously) to star in the movie, all expenses paid but no fee. Medium actors like Gretchen Moll or Rosamund Pike would probably be interested if it didn’t take too much of their time. Why don’t they give it a shot? It won’t hurt to try.

      • ton says:

        We work with Netherland’s most renowned casting agent Kemna. Announcements & decisions coming next week :)

        • Olaf says:

          So are the actors all going to be Dutch? Not favorable since many of them have HUGE accents when they speak English. Although Carice van Houten is ok in that regard.

          • Peter Houlihan says:

            Given that it’s set in Amsterdam that shouldn’t be an issue ;) An American or British accent would be more out of place.

          • ton says:

            Dutch money means involve Dutch people too. Our Blender crew itself is already very international.

    • rafster says:

      Some A-list actors do non-profit work, don’t they? Would not hurt to ask?

  10. JG Loquet says:

    wow :) ! congrats !!

    Mango is going blockbuster ;) !

  11. Tycho says:

    If there is too many gold I want a pony … Blender don’t have pony at all. And no GSOC-student would apply this year to add some ponies in blender

  12. Bao2 says:


  13. Jan the Freeze says:


  14. Roundabout says:

    Very good news Ton! Congratulations!

  15. WTOmi says:

    Great news Ton!

  16. yeah!! How cool is this! I like the development time! ;D

  17. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    gread news :)

  18. ozone89 says:

    will you do stereoscopic version of the movie? :D

    • ton says:

      That would add at least 30-50k euro to the costs of production. (10%-20%). A sponsor to cover this couldn’t be found (yet…).

      • Frederick Desimpel says:

        So that would mainly require a stereo camera right? So the filming could be mastered in 3D, and if budget allows it a stereo edition made afterwards?

  19. blendercomp says:

    this is great news indeed! :)

  20. Aaron says:

    That’s really great news! It’s so good to see the Blender Foundation being as recognised, respected, and helped as you guys deserve. Fantastic! :D