Weekly May 19

by - 2012/05/19 24 Comments Directing & writing, Filming

Here’s some goodies I stole from the last weekly folder:

And a shot copied from the directory with low-res proxies:

We actually already have a first rough edit of the movie! It was awesome! It was really hilarious too! But underneath all of the unfinished visuals the bare bones of a real film is visible. The characters work, the story works, the switching between times and environments work, and it even turns out to be already 9:45 minutes without getting boring! Yeah, as usual it gets longer and longer… :P some things probably get edited snappier later.

So why don’t we share it yet here? Ehh… quite weird – but we agreed that it wasn’t time yet to put this online immediate. It’s too rough, too much a creative intermediate, too vulnerable,  it would cost too much energy now. I’ve agreed with Ian that we’ll wait for him to feel more confident with the edit before sharing (parts) here. Until then it’s our little beautiful hidden baby :)

Ian also will enjoy 10 days holidays back in Seattle next week, catch up with friends and family, and come back in Amsterdam end of May for the final 3 months! He’s been awesome sofar – I really look forward to how it all evolves further. Stay tuned!


  1. D says:

    Beautiful stuff! ^_^

  2. John says:

    The gunrack animation is just straight-up beautiful.

    Something I noticed though—I know it’s just a test, but the horizon line in test-4.png looks a bit too low for the perspective of the shot. Either that or the floor looks tilted toward the camera.

  3. Tycho says:

    It looks really nice … Is it possible to get short extract of film, in order to make tracking test on my side (testing if blender handle right the 4k footage for instance…)?
    So a bunch (100-400) of a couple of png (Aces in 4k) rough film would be perfect …
    Keep on making amazing stuff

    • ton says:

      We’ll do ASAP. The files are just huge, so I’ll like to check on a different website for it. The folks at xiph.org have been contacted.

  4. I am VERY impressed. You guys are really setting the bar high with each new movie. I like how you’re matching the grain of the film with your background plates. However, I noticed that the architecture still looks a little too mathematical or “perfect”. The lines shouldn’t be too straight to trick the eye.

  5. Ben says:

    Good choice not uploading the movie yet – I’m content waiting, and I could see the problems it might create.

  6. dont edit work with the 10 mins…..
    i want more infact like sintel make it 15 minutes of awsomeness

  7. i understand whats been published is still rough but hopefully by the end of all the madness,
    cg parts of the film will be even sharper and less noisy……..

    PS brecht chose to use the progressive rendering style
    imagine if this was achieved using the yafaray style of rendering would renders on the gpu work out faster

  8. J. says:

    Very nice again!

    What’s actually your workflow for going from the raw files to proxies for editing?
    And why are the proxies lowres? Editing with HD proxies is very usual nowadays.

  9. Zetshandow says:

    excellent work, it seems incredible photorealism. I have some questions for you, how did the sss in cycles? How do put the wireframes of the hologram in cycles? and some errors in the hologram illumination, lack the brightness on the face of Techboy in everything else is perfect

  10. Josh Cryer says:

    Really looking forward to this movie (and of course Ian’s Project London!). It’s a great year for Open projects (though London isn’t as open it used open tools!)!

  11. 3pointedit says:

    I’d like to know what the process for editing was, that is loading shots and trimming them, swapping shot order on the timeline etc. Do you use Meta strips of sync audio? Do you even sync audio first assuming you recorded dual sound.

  12. 3pointedit says:

    Umm, how will you get HUD reflections in scientists glasses?

    • John says:

      It might be hard to track the rims of his glasses by themselves, but you could still try! and then add some small frames in.

      OR since very few people will be staring at the reflections, you could just matchmove the camera in the scene, add a very small, backwards copy of the HUD over his face, swoosh it around a bit, and then do a little rotoscoping to fit inside the glasses frames.

  13. 3pointedit says:

    I would have to go back and look, but did Iron man have HUD reflections in his eyes?

    • ian says:

      He did! They actually had a separate reflection for each eye (incredible!)- but we’ll have to see if we can get things to that level of detail.

  14. 3pointedit says:

    Hey Ian, I heard that there was issues with Timecode on the Blender Podcast. Any chance of some details in a blog post? Still going to pester you for VSE feedback ;)