Venom’s Lab 2: new training DVD!

by - 2012/05/21 10 Comments Production, Random

Pablo “venomgfx” Vazquez is working here in Blender Institute on a new training DVD; episode two of “Venom’s Lab”. It’s aimed at people who know Blender’s basics and who want to learn al the techniques to create wonderful characters in Blender.

Here’s the trailer:

The DVD is going to be finished in 3 weeks, pre-orders are being accepted via the Blender e-store now! The profits of our training DVD series goes directly to making project Mango possible :)

  1. Donnerland says:

    is it about human or animal characters?

  2. Andrius.B says:

    In this series a non-human character is created from scratch. However, the techniques and principles can be applied to any character creation, from concept to animation.

  3. This DVD is based on the character that appears on this trailer, but once you learn how to model that you can follow any other shape, is about the tools and principles that apply everywhere (like loops for example).

    If you’re looking for a human modeling DVD, I’d strongly recommend Blenderella:

  4. Carsten says:

    Ordered ;-)

    Greetz to the crazy near-south-pole-penguin-basher!


  5. Lucas says:

    I think Blender e-store should give the option to purchase a download file or to watch via streaming besides the physical DVDs.

    • Gustav Nilsson says:

      +1! I would love to support Blender but I don’t want any costly discs shipped to me when they are only going to collect dust anyway.

  6. Yosoy says:

    Estoy de acuerdo con Lucas, Por Favor opciĆ³n de descargas, o streaming, seria muy importante, para cubrir todas partes del mundo, :D

  7. mookie says:

    As previous Lab this one looks just great! I’m sure the content will be terrific! My respect for such a great intro and fantastic cartoon style!

  8. TFS says:

    Darn it Pablo, ur about cause me an exodus of moola from my pocket.

    I knew I shouldn’t have shown this to my six year old daughter



  9. masoud says:

    Thanks Pablo for this training :)
    In this package teaches you cycle or blender internal Render?