Production update: Composer Joram Letwory

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March is nearly over, the filming dates (around May 10) are getting closer every day! So much todo :)

Here’s some news tidbits from the production department:

  • Composer & sound designer: Joram Letwory
    I’m already following Joram’s work a couple of years – yes he’s the brother of Blender developer Nathan “Jesterking” Letwory – and I’ve always been impressed with this work. More over, he’s not only a great composer and sound designer but even doing film and hiphop & dance clips! I’m very happy he accepted to help us with music and sound! It’ll be a tough job to work in the shadow of the great Jan Morgenstern, but it’s time to give a new talent a chance to get a public portfolio with a film soundtrack!
  • Ian and me had a meeting with production designer Romke Faber to go over a lot of practical filming details. He already did film design for several blockbusters here in the Netherlands. Needless to say – good quality films have production designers involved from the very beginning! For Mango, we have a lot of great artists on board already though, under Ian Hubert’s creative direction. For the filming itself however we can really use Romke’s help here. We’ll only have a week to film and we better make our sets & props work out perfect!
  • Rob Tuytel arranged us a surprise visitor next week: monday the famous director Dick Maas will be coming over for a studio visit! Dick is the renowned (and and first!) action & horror director we have in the Netherlands. His films usually give a nice level of controversy – with as many haters as lovers. His somewhat cheesy Dutch style is definitely well aligned with Ian’s American cheddar approach! It’ll be a fun visit ;)
  • Joris Kerbosch (DP) has already found us his crucial buddies for on the set; a Key Grip, a Focus Puller and a Gaffer! I need to settle deals with them first, then we’ll talk more about it.
  • Sebastian – finally done with dvd duties – now is refining our breakdown spreadsheet into fine detail for sets, props, etc. He’ll be doing preparations & tests for us as some kinda mix of assistant director & production designer. That’s what vfx supervisors do!

(Image: Joram)


  1. BakkerTom says:

    Great news! I would love to see some of the footage of Dick Maas’ visit. I really liked his work he did on ‘Sint’ and ‘Moordvrouwen’. I think he might be able to teach you a thing or two about stunt work ;-)

  2. Psy-Fi says:

    Listening to the demo reels right now. This is a very nice weld of electronic/orchestral sound and pleasant harmonies. Excellent stuff! I am very curious to know if and where Joram has studied composition (since I also consider doing it).

    • Joram says:

      classical piano at the conservatory
      Sound Design at the faculty of Art, Media & Technology
      and a Master Degree in Composition (in contexts) also at the faculty of Art, Media & Technology

      all three majors at the Utrecht School of Arts in Holland

      • Psy-Fi says:

        Thanks a lot for the information! It stands to reason that there’s such a good result then :). I should reconsider Holland as a study destination it seems…

  3. PhysicsGuy says:

    Getting a visit from the man himself! Be sure to show him the early tests you did with compositing a the doors in the canal. He knows how much work it is to do it the old-fashioned way!

  4. N.A. says:

    I really like that music! It’s epic and lovely at the same time. He is a VERY good selection for the Soundtrack…

    Sounds just like the big movies :-)

  5. J. says:

    Dick Maas helping you?

    You contacted him via the guys at Filmmore?

  6. Tycho says:

    Whaa i love the samples in ur site, Joram.
    Are u gonna use an orchestra or all will be computer made. What software do you use ?
    In btw, a question for Tom : are you gonna improve the existing audio emiters by adding some raytrace reverb or such effect. The further audio looks realistic, the more Explosion are gonna look well. And this its the the first bf film since gsoc an audio emitter, it’s probably a good idea to use it.
    Hope you can improve this to make a FMOD like sound engine (im probably dreaming loud but …)

    • Joram says:

      MUSIC. It will definitely be a mixture of computer and real musicians. Hopefully more musician than computer :) But it all depends on the style and sound that turns out to best fit the film. We’ll make sure to have regular updates on the direction of the music when the time is there.

      SOUND DESIGN. For now, the plan is to create a fully original sound library. The coming months will have to point out if this is realistic or not.

      p.s. I use Logic Pro 9.

      • Tycho says:

        Thx for answering me, i ve already try FLstudio cubaseV and finale (with the garritan sound but never logic pro) : would you mind add a tutorial in the productiondvd or you cannot since its not an open software.
        Is there any existing open sound library ?
        Would the parts be open too ?

  7. Peter says:

    This picture of Joram … he looks really like a composer. He is in the composer posture!