by - 2012/03/20 17 Comments Rigging

We’re starting to gear up for the animatic. With Ian getting the timing together with a storyboard edit, I’ve been rigigng up some low-poly, least-distracting, fast, quick and easy to use proxy characters I’ve affectionately named BlockHeads.

The idea is to use these with low res environments to really plan out how each scene and shot will be done. Obviously we’ll probably tweak it all alot once we start the actual filming. But for now this will give us a really solid idea on how each shot should be planned, how when and where we need to add detail and also what the film itself is going to be like.

  1. Gianmichele says:


  2. jachristie79 says:

    Please release the blends!!!!

  3. Tadd says:

    HAH These are awesome!

  4. Lee says:

    Final Fantasy 7 ^_^ haha

  5. j-joey says:

    it’s called pre-visualization, i presume…

  6. hetors says:

    Interesting!!, is taking shape!
    Go ahead Mango team!!.

  7. Blendiac says:

    Am I the only one, or does the guy in the front look like Ton…with a moustache, beard and grey hair?

  8. sozap says:

    Ton in the movie = awsomness X 100