Track, Match, Blend!

by - 2012/02/27 12 Comments Development, Production

Sebastian Koenig – our masterful 3d camera and motion tracker – is currently finishing a new training DVD for the Blender store. It has been written with a general audience in mind – also filmers with no real experience with Blender should be able to learn how to track and match. And blend!

As usual for Blender Open Movie Workshop titles, all the content will be free to share and spread as CC-by, and all revenues will help out realizing Blender Foundation projects. Like this movie :)

Click here to watch the awesome Youtube trailer.

  1. Freeman says:

    WoW, I can’t wait!!

  2. ctdabomb says:

    will this be included with the mango DVD?

  3. David Jordan says:

    I’m curious, will this cover specifically how to do Facial Expression tracking as far as Blender is capable of it at the moment. This is something I’ve been hoping would be explained in a bit more detail than the couple videos showing it off so far.

    • ton says:

      Facial expression tracking is really a next step for our system. Even though you can already do the basics for it now, it hasn’t been optimized or tested for this well.

  4. blendercomp says:

    I’m just thinking that it might be a better idea to wait for all new Mango-related developments and then make such a DVD. I mean, wouldn’t it be better if all new tools/features are added and tested in the production of Mango before releasing such a DVD.
    Not that I doubt that Sebastian has any shortage of ideas/tips/tricks to share already but this looks like it’s a bit premature IMHO.

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      On the one hand, I agree with you. I’m sure the work flow on object tracking and facial tracking will greatly improve during Mango. On the other hand, doesn’t make Mango much more exciting to follow if you have a chance to learn what Sebastian has taught himself to prepare for Mango? Also: aren’t you too impatient to wait for after Mango *Grin*

      • blendercomp says:

        Yep, I’m definitely eager to learn all the cool tips and tricks Sebastian has mastered! :)
        I also hope that they do a much better job documenting features/workflows this time than they did on Sintel.

  5. hassan yola says:

    ok !
    I like some of work of Sebastian from cmifx so be able to learn again from him in this DVD is just great !!

  6. Sounds good to me; I’m purchasing this along with Humane Rigging. I’m happy to buy stuff licensed to share from the Blender Foundation. This is a wonderful bargain — I can help Blender Foundation, help myself learn more about Blender from experts, and help commercially support works licensed to share.

  7. khalid_elbedri says:

    Good luck guys with what you are doing.
    but the second image (laptop) in the DVD Training page in the blender store is unlinked.

  8. comeinandburn says:

    I’m sure it’s going to be a great DVD. I finally purchased Sebastian’s Compositing tutorial at CMIVFX and I don’t regret it for a second. He has a great teaching style and so much to share.

  9. Karlis says:

    Can I buy a downloadable version? Or maybe like in CMIVFX.. just watch in internet?
    I hate DVD’s … I think they are history and only take space in my shelf.