Production update: final script!

by - 2012/02/28 15 Comments Production

Yesterday Ian signed off the script as final! This means no further changes happen unless he gets the full team (or me at least) to support it.

He’s been rewriting scenes a couple of times, shuffling events around, adding/removing characters and playing with a lot of angles for telling this short story in the best way. I really like it how Ian now focused on filming a relative compact event, with a group of cool characters doing really fun stuff, with a lot of cinematic & design challenges!

But don’t worry, it’s still about a really crazy breakup in Amsterdam, causing the future to go haywire with robots. We’ll update you guys on this here soon as well, but I think it’s fair to first go over it with the team itself.

A final script also means we can start-up the casting process: the current script has 2 young characters (late teens), and five older characters in the future (warriors and scientists) and a bunch of extras. We also will target at getting our locations (around Oude Kerk, Amsterdam) arranged.

This Friday and Saturday the rest of team will arrive: Kjartan, Francesco, Nicolo, Sergey and Sebastian. (Jeremy will arrive March 13). We will do a final presentation of story/artwork/storyboards here Saturday 1700h! Sunday is day off, on Monday we’ll start a 5-day workshop – meant to deliver a short film as proof-of-team-spirit by friday 17h. Stay tuned!


  1. ctdabomb says:

    I still think there should be a part about stealing Big Ben’s clock.
    Are you going to use professional actors or blender users who act also?

  2. Justin Barrett says:

    I am just curious as to whether this will be translated into other languages, seeing as how broad the user and fan base is for Blender and independant films….anyway …just curious.

  3. PhysicsGuy says:

    This is very exciting!

  4. QuentinG says:

    AWESOME! Keep going, guys !

  5. A 5 days workshop sprint with a short movie finished on friday 17h. I love that idea…
    Every studio should have something like this once a year :)

  6. Paulo Bardes says:

    I know it’s kinda illogical to ask for easter eggs, but don’t forget them :)

  7. Joey Ferwerda says:

    Any news on when the casting for actors is going to be and how to apply for this?
    My brother is studying on a Actingschool in Amsterdam for quite a while now, and also has a lot of experience in Theater and TV Figuration.

    • ton says:

      We didn’t make a final casting process decision yet… we probably involve Kemna again. Doing a real casting day with candidates would be well possible :) If we do a public call you’ll see it here on the blog immediate.

      • Joey Ferwerda says:

        Hey Ton

        I found out that my brother is registered at Kemna and I really think he fits the project quite well.
        If you are interested, his name is Yngwie Ferwerda, and he really is interested in the Blender movies and CG acting.


  8. mahesh0806 says:

    wish you all team all the best!