Time Lapse – Day 4

by - 2012/05/10 14 Comments Filming, Production

Last day of filming. On location at the bridge, moved a couple of times from inside cars to under tarp shade thingys. Playing back at 3fps this time to show it off a little more (plus we were sillier with it because it was in our faces!)

Filmed with my trusty GoPro taking a photo each minute. Played at 3fps.

  1. Lars says:

    Video broken?

  2. zomby says:

    Hope that GoPro is waterproof.

    • morre says:

      GoPros are made for being dropped from orbit strapped to a race car at the bottom of the sea.

  3. vitos1k says:

    very funny ! i like this shot alot :DD

  4. gmc says:

    Hey, you cut out all the shooting bits :)

  5. TFS says:

    Wheres the Hollywood treatment?

    no directors chair, no cigar, no walking around with hands arranged in a square looking at various camera angles,

    no ‘quiet on set’ , ‘and action’ , ‘cut’ , ‘that’s a print’, ‘that’s a rap’ type statements,

    no dramas with the cast asking ‘whats my motivation for this scene’

    and even more depressingly…..

    wheres the clapper board?

    good luck for the next phase ;)


    • jeremy says:

      Its not like it captured everything, plus theres no audio in a timelapse… most things “missing” are there

    • ian says:

      We had almost all of those things! Except for ‘that’s a print’, and the chair (which I doubt I woulda sat in anyway).

      And TWO clapper boards!! :P

  6. Hubberthus says:

    Thank you for the live streams, photos and these videos! Enjoyed it very much :)
    As a programmer it’s not likely that I will ever be on a filming, but this was like I was there having fun :D

    Did you think of a title for the movie yet?

    • jeremy says:

      Twas our pleasure! No name as of yet, gonna wait till we’ve seen an edit before we start thinking about that.

  7. ctdabomb says:

    looks windy out!

  8. postrock says:

    Last day of filming? For the week or its wrapped?

  9. David says:

    You can use the program “slowmovideo” for smoother timelapses.